Visit website. It's officially fall now, which means Centre County is coming alive with hayrides and Halloween parades. Where else can you take your whole family to watch grown men and women operate clever homemade machines designed for one thing and one thing only: to hurl pumpkins a country mile out into the deepest waters of F.

Sayers Lake? There's food and vendors galore on the beach and tons of activities for the kids to boot. Best of all? It's absolutely free to attend and it all helps raise critical funds for Howard's Volunteer Fire Company So I decided to launch some questions at firefighter, George Demchak, one of the driving forces behind the event.

An event where a pumpkin is chunked, as Demchak puts it, " George, when I was growing up, my grandfather used to take me to our local volunteer fire company's annual fundraiser.

It was a turkey shoot, where people would gather in a field on a cold autumn day and shoot shotguns at paper targets in order to try and win a frozen bird. Howard Volunteer Fire Company 14 has really raised the bar when it comes to fundraisers. How did you come up with the idea? The National Competition started there.

We hosted our entire family for one year and I noticed a wide age group joined me to watch. My 11 yr old nephew watched; my 55 yr old Brother-in-law watched; my 87 yr old Mother-in law watched. I knew then that this event appealed to a wide audience.

Coincidentally, I was formulating the idea of a fall festival as a fundraiser for our volunteer fire company and, Find Company Ein Online Free there are a ton of fall festivals already, I knew I needed a unique draw to get people to come to ours.

My kids and I have attended the festival every year since we moved to the area Penns Valley five years ago. Last year was a heartbreaker for us as fans when everything was cancelled due to major flooding. And so I can only imagine how devastating, both emotionally and financially, that was for you and the rest of your company. How important is it that folks come out to support the festival after last year?

We had no choice. Our core staff was at the flooded park strategizing our revised plan for the festival when we learned we were cancelled from a post on Facebook. It was devastating. The closure of the park occurred on a Friday and we already had launching teams and craft vendors traveling to arrive for set-up that afternoon.

We had less than 24 hours to spread the word of the cancellation. Each year, between 10, people attend our festival, Howard Fire Company Punkin Chunkin this was a huge task. Additionally, the financial impact to the Howard Volunteer Fire Company could be monumental. We recognized the fact that many individuals were experiencing personal loss from the impact of the flooding.

But we also knew others had it worse than us because many of our volunteer members were responding to flooding calls for 24 hours straight. The need for first-responders never stops. This year it's The Medical Coding Company for the public to support our fundraising efforts. We need their support so we can continue to provide the top quality service the region deserves.

We need their help so we can help. There are no paid positions. Our desire to serve comes from within: helping friends, neighbors and strangers. Did you ever imagine it would become so popular? And why do you think people flock to Bald Eagle State Park from near and far to be a part of it?

One launching machine that was built by Howard Fire Howard Fire Company Punkin Chunkin 14 members and another that was built by a fire company from Harrisburg. Some of our HFC members took our launching machine to the National Competition in Delaware where they met other teams and promoted our festival. Now we have many of the world famous launching teams bringing their machines to our festival.

At this time we have 6 teams committed to attend in I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a big fan of standing on the same beach where I take my kids swimming all summer long, a cup of french fries in my hand, watching grown men and women launch pumpkins unbelievable distances out into the lake. What can you tell me about the people that build the catapults, trebuchets, and even air cannons that are the stars of the show? They travel here from many states, right? The launching teams compete in good-natured fun.

The goal is to hit one of the targets floating on the lake. It's a trebuchet machine standing approx. This event must play a massive role in keeping your volunteer fire company afloat each year.

Yet it's a FREE event! And is there a place at the festival where they can donate directly to you folks? Attendees can visit over craft vendors, over 30 food vendors, enjoy hayrides thru the scenic State Park, or watch as a wood carver creates items of artistic beauty using a chainsaw.

You can even participate in a genuine old-fashioned Pie Eating Contest Our Company encourages and appreciates all donations made as folks exit our festival; we have members with boots collecting donations as folks Howard Fire Company Punkin Chunkin the park. Lastly, I've been catching a lot of fat healthy largemouth bass out of Sayers Reservoir this year on pumpkin-colored lures. Think there's any chance you might be responsible for that in a roundabout way? Our festival strives to be a green event.

We utilize recycling containers place throughout the grounds. Additionally, it is noteworthy to know that the Howard Fire Company Punkin Chunkin used at our Festival are non-edible punkins.

They are an ornamental breed, not the type for human consumption. Our Amish volunteer members provide well for our Fire Company. Then they're used as food for the pigs at the farm. This provides for a complete recycle of the punkins used. Two Centre County women who have Veteran Owned Shaving Company it upon themselves to bring something to the streets of Bellefonte that is long overdue.

This month is the absolute perfect time of year to check out Part coworking space, part community gathering place which means you will Howard Fire Company Punkin Chunkin yourself a reason to visit this place before long. The story of why and how Logan Fire Company and Undine Fire Company both rose up out of the ashes of yesteryear to help keep Bellefonte and her citizens safe is a long and lovely one. There's a real movement around here to embrace the future while never forgetting all of our past.

The folks at Downtown Bellefonte Inc. DBI have been planning this one for a while. An internationally well-known band, The Mills Brothers, have roots in Bellefonte; however, their historic story begins with their grandfather and the Underground Railroad.

From dining and shopping to nightlife to family fun, here's our roundup of events and activities happening around town. Over the course of a Howard Fire Company Punkin Chunkin lifespan, the school sent a dizzying array of lads out into the world, quite a few who were destined for great things. BAM provides an art-inspired backdrop for holiday and birthday parties, private receptions, dinners and events.

By Serge Bielanko It's officially fall now, which means Centre County is coming alive with hayrides and Halloween parades. Bellefonte Historical Tablets: A Labor of Love for the Town Two Centre County women who have taken it upon themselves to bring something to the streets of Bellefonte that is long overdue. Studio A Home for Bellefonte's Creative Community Part coworking space, part community gathering place which means you will find yourself a reason to visit this place before long.

What's coming up at Studio this month? Bellefonte's Weekend Events Roundup - Feb.

Punkin' Chunkin' Fall Festival -

What is “ Punkin’ Chunkin’ ”? Every year towards the end of October the Howard Fire Company holds a one day festival at the scenic Bald Eagle State Park in Howard, PA. The main attractions of the festival are the catapults, trebuchets, and (possibly) air cannons that launch pumpkins hundreds of feet through the air and send them ...…


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