It is called a ticker symbol because the stock quotes used to be printed on a ticker tape machine that looked like the images below. When it printed the stock quotes, it made a tick-tick-tick sound! It is the only way to make sure you are buying the shares of the company you want—so please make sure you find the correct ticker symbol.

And when you do look up tickers, you will often be surprised how many companies there are that have very similar names. Make sure you are buying the stock that you think you are buying. HowTheMarketWorks tries to help this with our Smart Trade Drop-Down, where by typing the company name in the trading window, we will give you tickers that match.

Click here to try! However, lets take a look at where ticker symbols came from, and why we still use them today. Ticker machines first came into use during the late s as a fast way to move news across far distances; Howthemarketworks Company Lookup used telegraph lines to transmit messages electronically.

However, with a telegraph machine, each letter of the message had to be spelled out in Morse Code a series of dots and dashesread by the operator on the other end, and then typed out onto a message to be actually read by anyone. This was a time-consuming process; the longer the message, the longer it took to write, translate, and read. For investors looking to get the latest stock prices, this was also a problem.

Thus, company names were shortened down to characters, and Stuart And Company first ticker symbols were born. Insurance Company Salvage Car Sales you click on those links, it will take you to a stock quote screen. If there is not a ticker symbol lookup link, then try just typing the company name in and some pages will show you related tickers.

Early Tickers Ticker machines first came into use during the late s as a fast way to move news across far distances; they used telegraph lines to transmit messages electronically.

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Click "Next Question" to start the quiz! Between 1 and 5 Letters or Numbers. The first 3 letters of a company's name. Between 1 and 5 letters only.

Between 1 and 7 numbers only. It was faster to move news using telegraphs with short names. Investors liked to use "Text Speak" to communicate in code. To confuse "casual" investors and keep trading to professionals.

It makes it faster to look up multiple companies at a time on a computer. A" at the end of its ticker symbol? There are multiple classes of stock for this company. The company has filed for bankruptcy. This stock currently has special trading rules.

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