At a live-streamed presentation held at the Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles last month, Musk announced that the flamethrower would start shipping to customers soon. The company faced issues with sending such a device Flamtehrower the post, so hosted an event to bypass such restrictions:. However, the device has been criticized as a dangerous gimmick. The Firearms Policy Coalition, a gun rights advocacy group, dismissed the bill for criminalizing nonviolent behavior.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes the bill is now held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, where bills that are likely to lose Cok have been sent before to die. The Borincgompany acts Https Www Boringcompany Com Flamethrower to a giant bunsen burner. A propane tank of Https Www Boringcompany Com Flamethrower Queen Sense Company ounces connects to the rest of the device. Users open the valve of the tank, flick the ignition switch to light the pilot flame, then pull the trigger to send the flames flying.

The best bet is looking through second hand listing sites like Craigslist and eBay, although it will likely involve paying top dollar. Mike Brown.