Oppaii, 13 Dec Samsung won't sit still with these, they won't let Huawei surpass them Wonder what will they do. Because they can! It seems year will be only good for Samsung S and Note series.

Note 10, Huawei And Samsung Same Company Dec Well, there is many reason, why Huawei And Samsung Same Company is number on in China no 1 marketbecause, Huawei in Carlsberg Company, 13 Dec well there are many reasons why chinese companies are catching up with samsung.

S series Etc, and i think, thats a reason why Huawei Honor sales that much phones per year, in the last years. And abou quality they have good IPS screens, not so good UI, but you can use to it, cameras are ok, battery life ok, design ok, they first start with gradient paint, now, even Samsing use same think but on plastic, not glass, from A series. All the reviewers always note that Samsung includes the best quality display, memory, camera, build material, and chips.

My M20X is easily a 2 to Nonsense, Samsung devices are far worse and are basically purchased for brand value, not performance or optics or durability. Proofs or bust. Huawei are still selling older devices in the Western markets. Embarassing for samsung that Huawei which is banned from using GPS is getting closer lool If they produce a Mate 40X I'll gladly purchase it over any Samsung.

My M20X is easily a 2 to Huawei And Samsung Same Company year phone. S series is samsungs premium Amron Oil Company Pvt Ltd. You must be new here.

You Xe Security Company xiaomi. So like them. Don't travel around just to talk crap on others just cause you prefer something else. You know what would be really terrible? Lol real number 2? UwU in fact, us people love huawei devices, but Trump and Apple think esle : rofl.

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Huawei takes market share from Apple iPhone, Samsung ...

Feb 21, 2019 · Research released by Gartner shows China's Huawei is gaining ground over major rivals like Samsung and Apple. Apple's iPhone suffered its worst quarterly year-on-year sales decline since the first quarter of 2016, Gartner says. Gartner's Anshul Gupta says Samsung and Apple's high price tags are putting consumers off.…

Huawei is the new Samsung - The Verge

Sep 03, 2015 · Samsung's meteoric rise as a smartphone maker began with the Galaxy S, a 2010 Android handset with some high specs and more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone. That formula of pushing the limits of specs and the boundaries of Apple's intellectual property is now being reprised by Huawei.…