You, a year-old senior account manager for Huawei Technologies Co. While Huawei is one of the world's biggest Huawei Company In Nigeria of telecommunications gear for service providers, the company only recently started selling consumer products such as smartphones and computer tablets. Will Connors for the Wall Street Journal. Fumilayo Odamusi, right, considered getting a Huawei smartphone because of its price but eventually went with a Blackberry. Nigeria holds promise.

Pushed by a burgeoning middle class, cellphone usage is surging across Africa. Over half of the continent's one billion people have cellphones. That's made Nigeria a proving ground for the Chinese company's big consumer push. While Huawei might have trouble getting traction with wary consumers in Asia and Europe, the company is betting that for the right price, Nigerians will take a chance on an unknown phone with a good camera, Internet access and the ability to run applications.

The company has flown cellphone service providers from Nigeria to Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen to tour production lines and see sample devices. One point in Huawei's favor is that Huawei Company In Nigeria are turning to smartphones as way to get online when wired Internet infrastructure doesn't reach beyond the biggest cities. Huawei introduced its first Ideos in Africa late last year in Kenya. Huawei says it recently received an order for 50, Gaga smartphones, a model close to the Ideos, from the Nigeria branch of Abu Dhabi's Emirates Telecommunications Corp.

Huawei will face a host of challenges, however, such as spotty cellphone coverage, red tape delaying shipments and the difficulty of marketing in a teeming megacity like Lagos, with its population of about 15 million people. The Chinese company also faces competition from well-known names such as Samsung, Nokia Corp.

Odamusi, Dele Apeji, a banker who recently bought a Huawei phone, says he likes its sleek appearance and that it runs on Google Inc. But he complains that the Jive Beverage Company life is short. Huawei says smartphones generally suffer from short battery life in Elite Dating Company use but that the company is working to extend battery capacity.

Even Huawei's Mr. You, who was born in China and raised in New Zealandsays he struggles with skeptical distributors who "think that Chinese companies mean Weaver Nut Company price and low quality. Huawei Company In Nigeria to Devon Maylie at devon. Cadbury Nigeria Plc forecasts N Word on the Street: Time to Diversify away from Equities.

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