Despite their success French and Bya interests would not back them. Its first century of operation found Hbc firmly ensconced in a few forts and posts around the shores of James and Hudson Bays. Natives brought furs annually to these locations to barter for manufactured goods such as knives, kettles, beads, needles, and blankets.

By the late 18th c. A string of Hudson Bay Company History grew up along the great river networks of the west foreshadowing the modern cities that would succeed them: Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton.

Infollowing advice from one of its directors who was with Harrods department store Bya London, Hietory began an aggressive modernization program. The growth of retail spurred Hbc into a wide variety of commercial pursuits. Liquor, canned salmon, coffee, tea and tobacco were all lines that supplemented traditional fur and retail and helped to Hudsoj a thriving Madsen Roof Company business.

Large holdings of land negotiated as part of the Deed of Surrender took the company into real estate. The sale of homesteads to newly-arrived settlers would later evolve into a Hudson Bay Company History interest in commercial property holdings and development.

Shipping and natural resources, particularly oil and gas, were other important sidelines. The 21st century finds Hbc well into its fourth century of retailing in Canada. Credit Services. Financial Services. Watch over years of history unfold at our interactive timeline.

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Hudson’s Bay Company, corporation that occupies a prominent place in both the economic and the political history of Canada. It was incorporated in England on May 2, 1670, to seek a northwest passage to the Pacific, to occupy the lands adjacent to Hudson Bay, and to carry on any commerce with those lands that might prove profitable.…

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Mar 13, 2019 · The Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC), chartered 2 May 1670, is the oldest incorporated joint-stock merchandising company in the English -speaking world. HBC was a fur trading business for most of its history, a past that is entwined with the colonization of British North America and the development of Canada.…

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A company by the name of The Hudson Bay Company (HBC) which is famous for its part in starting the fur trade in Canada is named after the Hudson Bay. This company is the oldest corporation in North America having been founded in the year 1670. It is also in the list of the oldest corporations ……