Our delicious and Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company, original, yummy-fresh treats are about adding extra sweetness to the everyday. Your people. Your places. Your love. Pop one, close your eyes, and instantly remember the indelible squishiness Chocolate Chip Graham Crackers. Cinnamon Sugar Graham Crackers. Moonrocks Crunchy Vanilla Meringue. Close Message. Valleey Login. Close Share.

Brendan McAlpine. Nia Carey.

Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company - Yelp

Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company is a small but venerable shop located in the hip enclave of Beacon, NY. Where else could you find something like this? It is definitely unique and serves a niche market, but stop rolling your eyes and give one of the soft, pillowy, and flavorful 'mallows a try.4/5(13)…