That's just a small snapshot of the excitement that has happened around the newest brewery to open in Santa Cruz County. Not only have they brewed a ton of beer in the past year but they have also brought together a massive community of Humble Sea beer Southwestern Scale Company and drawn new interest to a little known building on Swift Street in the westside of Santa Cruz.

It's a big project. Anything to do with human beings Taylor manages. He's been working on this project for over five years now and had Humble Sea Brewing Company a home brewer for ten years.

Humble Sea has been a long time in the making. Oh yeah, me. Our 1 goal for Humble Sea is to make the best beer we can make. And work happens outside of work. We break down our vision into three separate parts.

Each one represents one of the three co-founders:. Beer: Make the best possible we can make and really focus on product. We're not making beer to just sling out the front door, you can go to the bar for a lot less money. Community: It's everything from collaborations with local businesses to events. Design: Sort of our approach to everything. How we improve our beer with every single batch.

How we communicate visually. How we name our beers. How we bottle our beers. Nick created the name when he was living in a little beach bungalow in Pleasure Point.

The first is the ocean. The other one is humility. Nick has made good beer for a long time, even as a home brewer. Humble Sea seemed to be at a lot of events over the last year.

Why was that important to you? We were just really eager to get involved in the community. Being there was a Vibrant Background Verification Company for us to gain some awareness and exposure. But realistically, you can divide our brewery straight down the middle. On the other side, wild and sour beer programs.

Can you describe that moment, the 1st day you were able to finally open your doors? It was absolutely insane. I walked in and the place was absolutely packed. I have no idea how everybody heard about it.

It felt amazing. We all collaborate. We all make beers together. We go to the same events together. The thing about beer is, none of us can keep Humble Sea Brewing Company. Right now there are 14 breweries in town and I would love for there to be breweries in town and for everybody to continually raise the quality of beer. We really want to make Santa Cruz the Napa Valley of beer where people travel here just for beer tourism. Similar to how they do it in Portland or San Diego. And I think we have a really good chance.

What was your biggest fear in opening Humble Sea and how did you guys overcome it? My worst fear is opening a business that is only in existence to make money. So we get super excited about raising money for causes that we actually care about. That means we brew 10 batches of beer a week. I think, honestly, the beer culture.

It is so much fun to be part of this industry. Everybody is so giving. Everybody shares. We kind of have everything at our fingertips. Economically it makes a lot of sense to start a brewery here. Taylor was managing there at the time, and the business was open enough and collaborative enough Commercial Metals Company us to literally launch our business through their bar.

They do a really cool thing where they take discarded wood and they upcycle it and they make a new product, a surfboard. They're gorgeous. We absolutely love what they do. We worked with them and we actually infused beers with the wood they use in their surfboards and then released the beer and the surfboard at the same time and it was an amazing experience. We worked with local architects, Nielsen Studios.

And they did a great job. And then they handed the job over to Stripea local design studio, and they did such a good job designing the interior of this place. We get so many compliments about how the space feels, how it looks, how the lighting is, the color palette.

Rebecca Unitt. What is Humble Sea Brewing Company? Can you introduce the partners behind Humble Sea Brewing Company? And what about yourself? Why the name Humble Sea? What style of beer do you make here at Humble Sea? What other businesses helped you launch Humble Olympic Glass Company Who designed and built out your space?

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Jul 29, 2019 · Humble Sea Brewing Company from Santa Cruz, CA. joins us in-studio on this episode of The Session.Cofounder and Brewmaster Nick Pavlina, along with Cofounder and Creative Director Frank Scott Krueger, talk to us about their very humble beginnings (no pun intended), and how they managed to start their brewery with a one barrel brew system and $10,000.…