A decade after General Motors discontinued the Hummer brand in the face of a bankruptcy, rising gas prices, and a decline in demand for the military-inspired SUV, it will soon be back in the form of an electric pickup truck. GM then confirmed the news on Thursday, saying that the hummer will be back under GMC as an electric "super truck" with 1, horsepower and 11, foot-pounds of torque.

It's a surprising move, considering the Hummer's reputation as an unabashedly excessive gas guzzler. But an increasing number of automakers are embracing EVs and entering the electric-pickup market. Tesla's CybertruckRivian's R1TFord's electric Fand Bollinger's B2 are all slated to begin production or launch within the next couple of years, while the sources quoted by The Wall Street Journal said the forthcoming electric Hummer is projected to go on sale by The Hummer revival also follows the recent trend of carmakers resurrecting old Drill Construction Company Inc beloved nameplates.

New versions of the Toyota SupraFord Rangerand Land Rover Defender were all unveiled in recent years, and a new Ford Bronco — eliminated from the company's lineup in — will come Hummer Car Company spring. In honor of the Hummer's new and unexpected life as an EV, here's a look back at the brand's history.

This article has been updated with new details about the upcoming electric Hummer, including that GM confirmed its reported return on Thursday with a claimed 1, horsepower and 11, foot-pounds of torque. Source: The New York Times. Source: Time. Sources: TimeDupont Registry. Sources: HistoryAutotrader. Source: General Motors. Source: Hemmings.

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It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Tim Levin. GMC said Thursday that it will have a claimed 1, horsepower and 11, foot-pounds of torque. This all comes as several manufacturers — including Ford, Tesla, and Rivian — plan to roll out electric pickups in the near future. Nicknamed the Humvee by soldiers, the burly vehicles were used as command centers, ambulances, and troop carriers for the US military starting in It was a force off road due to its locking differentials, Mediacom Cable Company diesel engine options, and central tire inflation system that allowed drivers to adjust tire pressure on the go.

The H1 was a fairly niche vehicle, and sales figures reflect that — during its year run, fewer than 12, H1s were sold. InGM introduced the smaller Hummer H2. While the H1 shared a great deal with the military-spec Humvee, the H2 was built on a platform cobbled together from the Chevy Tahoe and GM's heavy-duty pickups.

The H2 weighed several hundred pounds less than its predecessor, and boasted slightly better fuel economy at an estimated 10 to 13 mpg. While it wasn't as robust or capable as the H1, the H2 sported some impressive specs — it could climb over a inch wall, take on 20 inches of water, and tow 7, Hummer Car Company.

A pickup version, called the H2 SUT, which stands for "sport-utility truck," arrived on the scene for The H2 was sold through the model year, while the H3 wasn't phased out until the demise of the Hummer brand in Amid broad financial struggles, rising fuel prices, and plummeting sales for the gas-guzzling Hummer lineup, the General shuttered the brand just 11 years after acquiring it.

And inArnold Schwarzenegger, a huge fan of the Allen And Company Conference 2018 Hummer, unveiled an electric H1 prototype Walsh Construction Company by Kreisel Electric.

Earlier that year, he helped the company present a zero-emissions Mercedes G-Wagen. While it's unlikely that it will have much in common with Kreisel's creation, we'll have to wait a little longer to see what GM's reported electric Hummer is all about. General Motors confirmed the new Hummer on Thursday, saying it will be introduced during a Super Bowl ad on Sunday and will officially debut in May of this year.

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Nov 12, 2013 · With its soaring popularity and exposure from the war, the Hummer H1 civilian four-wheel-drive utility vehicle began production in 1992. The Hummer quickly became the accessory of the moment for celebrities and athletes due in part to its aggressive appearance, as well as its high price tag.…

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The hummer is a descendant of the Humvee. These are not your typical road cars/suv, they aren’t fast; they’re not supposed to be. If you need a highway car, this is not your pick, but if you need a good truck to go off on some trails, to the mountains, or just town driving/city driving this would be the perfect car.…