Essential information about Hungarian companies. An online search Pure Pro Company possible through a number of websites but for a professional inquiry about a company, a specialized Hungarian law firm can help you obtain additional information.

Likewise, when investors are considering the option of mergers and acquisitions in Hungarya company due diligence process is the best way to start any company purchase.

Data about Hungsry registered in Hungary are available on the website of the Service of Company Information and Hungary Company Search Company Registrati on belonging to the Hungarian Hungarj of Searcg Administration and Justice.

The website is only available in Hungarian, but one of Cimpany lawyers in Hungary can help you search for a company. The following information about Hungarian companies can be accessed online: the corporate registration number, name of the company, head office, branches, activities, Hungary Company Search capital, tax number, bankruptcy or liquidation statusif applicable.

Additional information is available for a certain fee. In order to search for company information using uHngary Hungarian business register, the individuals must submit the search using one of the following: company name, corporate registration number, tax number. Any Hungarian company needs to be registered at the Hungarian Court of Registration. There are several steps for company registration and the process begins by choosing the desired type of company.

An electronic registration certificate if issued for any Hungarian company. Our lawyers in Hungary can help in any matters concerning company registration or finding public information about companies. Your Name:. Email Address:.

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Over 9,000 Companies in Hungary covering Business Services, Home & Garden, Agriculture, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, and more. Company List. Search Search. Company List Hungary. Companies in Hungary Add your free listing . Top industries Any country. Agriculture; Apparel Automobiles & Motorcycles Business Services Agency Services…

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Get Registry and financial information about a business in Hungary. Get independent and reliable information reports about Hungarian firms on : Reduce credit risk and improve knowledge about your customers, suppliers, competitors in Hungary. is a pay-as-you-go, subscription-free service.…