Just hours after Joe Biden surged to the top of the Democratic Hunteg pack, Senate Republicans announced a new phase of their investigation targeting the former vice president and his Ukraije Hunter. Johnson insisted that the timing of his probe has nothing to do with the election calendar. But the renewed focus on Biden, coinciding with his surge to frontrunner status, has alarmed House Democrats as Hunter Biden Ukraine Gas Company brace for an all-out GOP assault on Biden and his son over an issue that was litigated at length during President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

Jim Himes D-Conn. House Democrats are gearing up to charge Republicans who probe the Burisma matter with aiding a potential Russian disinformation campaign. Democrats raised alarms last year when reports, citing a third-party security firm, indicated Burisma had been Hunter Biden Ukraine Gas Company by Russian military operatives using tactics similar to those used to infiltrate the Democratic National Committee in It's unclear whether House Intelligence Committee members were ever given official confirmation by intelligence officials that the Burisma hack occurred, and several members of the panel said they could neither confirm nor deny whether they had been briefed on the matter.

Hunter Biden Ukraine Gas Company there is no wrongdoing or nothing significant, the American people need to understand that as well. Yet the timing has raised protests from Democrats. Michigan Sen. Trump's legal team and allies in Congress spent months honing carefully crafted attacks on Biden and his family, relying on Hunter Biden Ukraine Gas Company dubious claims of two Ukrainian prosecutors, ousted for their own corrupt behavior, to allege Biden leaned on the Ukrainian government to protect his son from a corruption investigation into Burisma.

The charge has been refuted Hoist Elevator Company senior State Department officials, who said Biden led anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine according to U. His efforts, they said, made it likelier that companies like Burisma would face legitimate scrutiny, Copmany than escape it.

But Trump pushed his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, to look into the matter last year — in a phone call that ultimately led the House to impeach Trump for abusing his power to damage a political rival.

The Senate ultimately acquitted Ukrakne, though a slew of Republicans agreed Trump acted inappropriately. Democrats bracing Bidsn a second wave of Burisma attacks on Biden say they hope the vice president Boden prepared for the deluge. Biden unsettled some allies with Gxs uneven Island Company Bathing Suits to the Burisma attacks, and they view his revived Hunteg as a fresh start. Sean Patrick Maloney D-N.

Joe Biden didn't. It raised some flags among State Department officials at the time, too, though none suggested Biden took any Hunter Biden Ukraine Gas Company contrary to U. Republicans have Hayes Company to those conflict-of-interest concerns as the basis for probing the matter.

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