Sign-painting isn't his primary duty. Clegg co-founded the company with his wife, Kas Clegg, and their business partner, Scott Bussard, three years ago.

Their concept? A hour bakery that specializes in handmade doughnuts topped with quirky ingredients. Treats like these Galge Company became very popular, attracting long lines of customers in downtown Springfield.

Plan on waiting one minute per order, advised Tim Clegg. Toward the back of the office, they're listed on a gleaming whiteboard. At the top of the grid: West Des Moines. The new store opened at 5 a. Several new stores are already in the works for early They're listed further down that back-office whiteboard.

She declined to say precisely where. The existing nine stores serve metros with about 4. This was not their original strategy. As it turned out, all kinds of people wanted their doughnuts, not just students. Bussard, the third co-owner, said the company aims for spots near big-box stores, farmers markets and other family-oriented places.

Business districts or "restaurant rows" don't work for Hurts Donut, Bussard said. Shepherding new franchisees is an increasing part of the Hurts managers' workload. Similarly, the company does not recruit franchisees with a flashy website or slickly produced video the way regional restaurant chains do. At least, not yet. Bussard and Tim Hurts Donut Company Near Me told the News-Leader they're planning to launch an online presence for potential franchisees soon.

Hurts Donut Company Near Me find out about it when they discover an existing store, or through word-of-mouth, or when they encounter an Emergency Donut Vehicle. Trusty said fewer than 10 percent of those Albertson Fire Company people who email every week turn out to be serious candidates.

Kas Clegg said, "We want Hurts to be a big family," with a strong relationship between headquarters and franchisees. Really, that's our only big strategy: work ethic, values and morals. Community engagement is required of franchisees, she said. Some type of charitable donation happens each week. After would-be franchisees complete an elaborate application process, they meet with Hurts management in Springfield.

One went to elementary school Hurts Donut Company Near Me Kas Clegg. Another worked a MAC cosmetics counter and frequently did Kas Clegg's makeup for television appearances. A third was a former store manager who earned his way into a franchise deal. We have different visions, but we all want it to be very big.

He also thinks there could be a Hurts Donut "somewhere east of the Mississippi" in a year or so. Maybe in Florida. And for now, their gut tells them that people will be interested in sugary fried treats for the foreseeable future.

Hurts Donut in downtown Springfield on Monday, November 28, Ian Carleton, lead baker at Hurts Donut in Hurts Donut Company Near Me Springfield, decorates pineapple upside down doughnuts on Monday, November 28, Mark Trusty, director of franchise development, scoots across the Hurts Donut corporate office on a hoverboard as Tim Clegg, fonder and CEO, checks his cellphone on Monday, November 28, Hurts Donut Company Near Me guns sit near a couple of awards at the Hurts Donut corporate office in downtown Springfield Royal Purple Company Monday, November 28,


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