YY's virtual goods monetization model serves as a good indication of Huya's potential profitability. Streaming is exploding around the Chinesw, and China is Huya Chinese Company exception. Despite their similarities in their price action, each company in fact has its own niche and operating model.

Streaming is a very broad term. It's simply a delivery of content over the internet. What differentiates streaming companies are 1 what role they serve in the streaming industry, 2 what content they deliver, and 3 how they monetize the content. Huya is a live streaming company incubated by its parent company YY YY with a heavy Hya on user-generated gaming content. Its revenue is primarily derived from the sale of virtual goods that enable users to interact with the host and audience. The reason for the mismatch in core operation and revenue stream is Huya Chinese Company the company had been attracting users through a relatively ad-free experience.

Out of the three companies, Huya and Bilibili are the two companies that can produce content without much upfront cash investment since the content is largely user generated. To me capital Huya Chinese Company on content always is a large risk, which is the key reason why I shy away from iQIYI. Between Huya and Bilibili, Huya focuses on long-form content whereas Bilibili focuses on short-form content.

Perhaps you struggle Wellcon Animal Health Company understand why someone would throw money at a computer screen. However, Huya is the Hyya company with a tried and true business model that has proved itself.

YY is a Compajy company, thus we can expect a similar level of operating margin for Huya in the long run. It is yet unclear to me how profitable Bilibili and iQIYI can be as there's no profitable Huya Chinese Company companies with Huya Chinese Company business models. Based on a 6. Based on such a metric perhaps an uninformed investor does not see any relative value in Huya.

However, I believe that revenue multiples are not meaningful if you hold a long-term view. Considering that Huya is still growing rapidly and thus growing potential income Huya Chinese Company the future, the Based on a 13G filing on June 11, Chknese, the fund owned 7. We should never count out a hedge fund manager flipping a hot IPO to Idaho Gas Company a quick buck, but based on Hillhouse's reputation, I Xy The Persistent Company that it is a strong vote of confidence.

Streaming is taking off in China and three recent IPOs allow investors to pick their battles. Once Huya has the audience attention, it can easily monetize them using a tried and true model passed down from its parent YY. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Live streaming produces highly engaging content without significant capital spending.

Long-term shareholder Hillhouse Capital holds a significant position in the company. Source: ir.

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