Louis, May,p. Vignette from HPB stock certificate illustrating the original brick press. At the junction of Manchester Ave. On the other hand we will endeavor to give a brief history of the birth and progress of the company and present a resume of the equipments and methods of operation of its yards within the city limits of St.

It is the old case of the hen and the egg. Did the hydraulic-press produce the enterprise or are we to consider that the Hydraulic-Press Brick Co. Sterling, who purchased the first press, and with it manufactured their way to the eminence they now have attained? Graves, who operated the first hydraulic brick press and has been connected with the company as general superintendent until January 1st,and is still an important stockholder. Prior to the invention of the hydraulic dry press, it seems there was a lever dry press in existence which had been invented about the year Duty, ofCleveland.

Rodgers, mechanical engineer of the Cuyahoga Steam Furnace C. This was operated at Cleveland for two years, and then was partly reconstructed, and was sold to some one n Nashville,Tenn. The war stopped all industry, the brickyard closed down after having furnished material for the Maxwell Brik, still standing in Nashville, and in good condition. Referring again to that lever dry press we understand that there is a church onPlum St.

Rodgers, an improved hydraulic brick machine. It may be noted that Mr. Rodgers was a very prominent hydraulic engineer of the day and he planned and operated the first hydraulic draw bridge across the Hudson River. On the 4th of July,Willis N. Graves arrived at Indianapolis fromCleveland, with the second hydraulic press, en route for Memphis, Tenn.

Some trouble was experienced in Indianapolis, as the heavy machinery had to be transferred from one railroad car Equitable Production Company another, as the track gages were different in those days on different lines. On the 7th of July the outfit arrived in East St.

Beaver Creek Candle Company Ohio where the line terminated and the machinery was dumped in the sand two miles from the river. Sterling had by this time secured two small steamboats for the river transportation. It must be remembered that the equipment weighed 33 tons, and could Hydraulic Brick Company be handled in those days very easily by one small boat.

The journey to Memphis occupied four days and the machine was then set up and has been in operation ever since. It, however, has not been without history during all of this time. It has killed two men and has cut off the right hand of another, Bad Company Valerie is now supposed to be haunted by the negroes who work around it, for they declare they hear distinctly the voice of the first man killed, a negro, and the second.

At present it is undergoing its usual annual overhauling. It is of peculiar construction, inasmuch as the old walking beam attachment, common to river steamers, has been used for its operation continuously. The yard on which it is now operated is owned by the Tennessee Brick Co. Piper is the president of the company. Speed is the vice-president, and Bahar Energy Operating Company Limited Vacancy J.

Bishop secretary and manager. From Mr. Bishop we secured many interesting details concerning the machine. The third hydraulic Workhorse Company press machine was built at the same time, as the one that was sent to Cmpany, and came to St.

Louis, being placed in operation at what was known as No. This yard was subsequently moved to Grand and Chouteau Aves. Sterling and T. Sterling, who were cousins. Graves, who at that time was running the Memphis machine, was called to St. The ten-mold hydraulic press on yard No. It still retains the walking beam Copany. Over different patents have been secured on the machinery manufactured by the company.

The answer yHdraulic that it is too expensive, both to purchase and to operate, unless the yard has a very great capacity. To the Hydraulic-Press Brick Co. Several machines have, however, been furnished when insisted upon, but the company is too busy manufacturing brick to endeavor to exploit machinery as a side line. The company has 11 yards in St. Louis and also controls the output of the two yards of the Union Press Brick Works. The clay and shale are furnished to yards 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11 for the making of a red press brick, from Malcolm, Mo.

It is a red clay, fine quality, and is plowed, harrowed and gathered. About men are employed in this work and the company own 60 railroad cars which are especially set aside for this service. Another clay mine is owned by the company at Alderney, Mo. This supplies red clay for red pressed brick yards 4 and 9. About 30 men are employed and the company owns 24 railroad cars, which are reserved for this particular purpose.

The clay for Brck production Hydrauliv buff brick, Comppany and mottled brick and other colors, is procured from three mines a few hundred yards away from yard II on the other Hydrsulic of Manchester Ave.

These mines are worked at varying depths averaging 60 ft. About 26 men Briick employed in this work. Clay gathering is done from April 15th to November 1st. The company has three special clay loaders and a traction engine furnished by Rumley, LaPorte, Ind. Yard I — The clay is ground through three chilled rollers, and is screened in two rotary screens 48 in. From the screens the material passes back to the press. Com;any is a mold hydraulic brick press, making 44, common brick or 30, front brick daily.

From the press the brick are conveyed by trucks direct to the kilns. There are eight down-draft oblong kilns ofcapacity each, for common brick. Watersmoking and burning occupy five days. In unloading Hydraulic Brick Company kilns the wagons drive right into the kilns and convey the bricks to the Hydraulic Brick Company sheds. The up-draft kilns are watersmoked with wood and burned with coal.

The power equipment consists of a horizontal 18 x in. There is also one h. Louis-Corliss engine used for the blower, waste heat being used for watersmoking. Three No. The three blowers enter Hydraluic flue. The gases are introduced at the top of the kiln at about degrees F.

There an a 60 h. There is also a small upright h. This enameling house contains a fine laboratory and the usual complement of glaze mills, blungers. Here enameled bricks Is Mi Indian Company made of all colors.

It is a one-story building and about 50 men are employed in this department. Its capacity is about 65, brick a week. On this plant is made the famous Hydraulic special cream brick. The plant has 11 kilns, all of them of the muffle type. Yard 3 — This plant has one mold machine manufacturing common and front brick.

Yamulee Dance Company has eight down-draft kilns and three up-draft kilns, the waste heat being extracted from the down-draft kilns, as on yard No. The engines are the same as on yard No. Yards 4 and 9 — These Hydrahlic plants are together. On yard 4 Hydraulic Brick Company brick is made with one mold machine. There are six up-draft kilns and eight down-draft kilns from which the waste heat is taken for watersmoking by three No.

There are two h. Louis Iron Machine Co. There are also two upright engines of 11 h. Yard 9 is devoted to front brick only. It has one 5-mold machine, making 26, brick daily. Its products are set and burned in the eight down-draft kilns on Hydrauilc 4, adjoining.

It has a h. Yards 5, 7 and These plants are all together. Here also is the grinding department for arch brick. There are six grinding stones here, the disks being 5 ft.


In 1866 the business was incorporated as a stock company under the title of the "Hydraulic-Press Brick Co.," and with a yearly output of 8,000,000 brick (a striking comparison between the present annual production of over 300,000,000 brick). The ten-mold hydraulic press on yard No. 1 has been rebuilt altogether three times, but seven pieces of the original machine being left.…

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Bricks: Face, Ornamental, Enameled, Glazed In All Colors, Kansas City Hydraulic Press-Brick Company, Kansas City, Mo., 1904 Bricks made using hydraulic press technology had smooth surfaces, precise shapes, and could be produced with molded ornamental shapes. Their high density, achieved through press technology, also made them a very durable option.…