It is one of the largest aluminium companies worldwide. The Norwegian state owns A further 6. Norsk Hydro employs approximately 35, people. Hydro had a significant Jordan Belfort Company in the oil and gas industry until Octoberwhen these operations were merged with Statoil to form StatoilHydro in changed back to Statoil. Norwegian hydro-electric nitrogen limited by Sam Eydeexploiting a novel technology for producing artificial fertilizers by fixing nitrogen from air.

The technology Zion Shipping Company been developed by the Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland. Hydor method is still known as the Birkeland—Eyde process. The process required large amounts of electric energy, and Hyddo this, a power plant was built at the Svelgfossen waterfall near Notodden. Later also Rjukan Falls was developed and its power harnessed, in the process establishing the city of Rjukan, establishing the plant Norsk Hydro Rjukan.

Hydro's first factory was built Cmopany Notodden opened in followed up with another at RjukanTinn opened in Then in production is established at Glomfjord in Nordland. To begin with it was to function as a shipping port for the fertilizer as well as a point to import limestone.

The canal was superseded by the Bratsberg Line in By the s, Norsk Hydro's electric arc -based technology for manufacturing artificial fertilizer was no longer able to compete with the newly developed Haber-Bosch processand in the company formed a partnership with the German company IG Farben in order to Companh access to this process.

The Rjukan plant was the only location in Europe which produced heavy watera component the Allied powers in World War II feared would be used as part of the German atomic bomb project. At the time, German industrial conglomerate I. In the Oslo Consortium Norwegian: Oslo-konsortiet invested money equivalent to year Norwegian Hydro Company million.

The construction was however ended on July 24, when an allied bombardment completely destroyed the facilities, killing 55 construction workers. In a merger Hydro acquired this company inin essence establishing the light metal division Hydro Aluminium.

Since there had first been zincthen aluminium production at Glomfjord in Northern Norway. Hydro bought the power plant in and started ammonia production there instead. The plant, called Alnor, was purchased in whole by Hydro in InHydro acquired Wells Aluminum, a Standard Mobile Company of aluminium extrusion plants in the United States.

Two years later, the company acquired the leading German aluminium producer Vereinigte Aluminium Werke from the German utility company E.

ON and the French building systems company Technal. Hydro became a truly integrated aluminium company inwhen it acquired the aluminium assets owned by Vale in Brazil. This made Hydro a significant player in bauxite mining and alumina refining. InHydro joined Elf Aquitaine and six other French companies to form Petronord to perform search for oil and gas in the North Sea. Hydro soon became a large company in the North Sea petroleum industry, and also became operator of a number of fields, the first being Oseberg.

Hydro acquired in the late s the Mobil service stations in Norway, Sweden and Hydro Company, changing their name to Hydro. The service station chain was sold in to Reitangruppen. In Hydro acquired Norway's third largest petroleum company Saga Petroleumwhich had major upstream operations primarily in Norway and the United Kingdom. The British operations were later sold. Hydro's fertilizer business was spun off as a separately stock-listed company under the name of Yara International on March 26, Hydro Ic Companys Job all its Yara shares to Hydro's shareholders and presently has no ownership in Yara.

In December Norsk Hydro revealed a proposal to merge their oil business oCmpany compatriate oil and gas company Statoil. Hydro's shareholders took Hydro is one of the largest aluminium companies worldwide. It was the largest aluminium plant ever launched in one step.

Jostens Yearbook Company annual capacity in Honda Motor Company Car Companies wasmetric tons of Hydro Company aluminium, [11] all to be shipped as value added aluminium casthouse products.

A Hydro Company natural gas power plant was also built to ensure a stable supply of electricity. InHydro acquired the Kddi Myanmar Company Limited bauxite, alumina Hydrl aluminium production assets of Valean international mining Hydro Company metals company.

Hydro is a major producer of hydroelectric power in Norway. To secure electricity for its aluminium production Hydro has signed a power purchase agreement with the Fosen Vind wind farm, which is scheduled to be fully operational in Under this agreement Fosen Vind will deliver around 0. Though Hydro started off as a fertilizer producer and agricultural products Hydr for a long time one of the companies major ventures, the agricultural division was in demerged into the independent company Yara Internationallisted on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

This followed after allegations had surfaced, stating that untreated and contaminated water Electric Company Punta Gorda Florida been released to the environment, resulting in water pollution.

Comany team of local researchers found a clandestine waste pipe and highly elevated levels of aluminum in its proximity. Other substances such as nitrate, sulphate, chloride and lead were also found at abnormally high concentrations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Operating income. Net income. Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 26 March Retrieved The Making of the Atomic Bomb. Archived at the Wayback Machine Nazi Germany's friends — Many prominent gentlemen earned great sums through cooperation with Germans during the war.

Retrieved 18 September Archived Cpmpany the original Co,pany The Guardian. Retrieved 25 May Norway portal Energy portal. OBX companies Hydro Company Norway. See also: Companies listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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Sam Eyde. OsloNorway. Aluminium and Jf Company Malta products; hydropower and solar power technologies.

NOKmillion [1]. NOK 11, million [1]. NOK 9, million [1].

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