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About Us Hydrogen

Our Company. While running fintech apps for the last decade the team saw how costly, complex, and time consuming it was to build a financial platform. Hydrogen was founded to change this, exposing its light, modular, global REST APIs to firms small and large, with the goal of helping to digitize the world financial system.…


Why Hydrogen? Hydrogen is a zero emission fuel – vehicles using hydrogen only emit water vapour. Hydrogen can be generated completely cleanly via renewable electricity through electrolysis of water connected to renewable generators - this is Ryse’s current focus.…

Hydrogen fuel - Wikipedia

Hydrogen fuel can provide motive power for liquid-propellant rockets, cars, trains, boats and airplanes, portable fuel cell applications or stationary fuel cell applications, which can power an electric motor. The problems of using hydrogen fuel in cars arise from the fact that hydrogen is difficult to store in either a high pressure tank or a cryogenic tank.…