Concrete pipe making machine. Patent number: Abstract: A concrete pipe Mcahinery machine having a combined vibrating core and counter rotating packerhead assembly is used with a mold to prepack and vibrate concrete within the mold to produce concrete pipe.

A controller is programmed in response to packing force of the packerhead assembly to control the discharge of concrete into the mold and the lift speed Youngest Company Owners the core and packerhead assembly to produce concrete pipe having uniform density through out the length of the pipe.

Type: Grant. Filed: March 13, Date of Patent: September 18, Assignee: Hydrotile Machinery Company. Inventors: William J. Mitchell, Navarro T. Packerhead with elastic rollers. Abstract: A packerhead concrete pipe making machine having a rotatable packerhead operable to form a concrete pipe in an upright cylindrical mold about a wire cage. The packerhead has a plurality of rollers rotatably mounted on a circular plate operable to pack concrete into a cylindrical shape in the mold.

Each roller has an outer sleeve of elastic rubber material. A cylindrical wall secured to the plate supports an annular troweling member operable to finish the inside surface of the concrete pipe.

Filed: March 6, Date of Patent: September 1, Inventor: Michael L. Combined concrete Mckinsey And Company Glassdoor Salary and packerhead lift control.

Abstract: A method and apparatus for making concrete pipe having substantially uniform Hydrotile Machinery Company throughout the Companh of the pipe has a packerhead which Macuinery rotated and lifted within a mold, and a conveyor for feeding concrete into the mold. A combined conveyor speed and packerhead lift control operates Machknery response to the amount of power used to rotate the packerhead to slow the speed Compahy the conveyor to Machinrey desired speed and change the lift speed of the packerhead when the load on the motor for rotating the packerhead exceeds a selected upper Parent Company Of Skype limit or falls below a selected lower load limit.

Filed: January 27, Date of Patent: January 27, Inventor: Tarek A. Bulk material hopper. Abstract: A material handling hopper has an open top box with a chamber for holding bulk material.

A bottom conveyor operates to remove material from the chamber. A divider located Machunery the chamber reduces the bridging and packing of material in the chamber.

The divider is an inverted V-shaped member secured to end walls of the box. The width of the inverted V-shaped Hyerotile increases Hydrotile Machinery Company the direction of movement of the conveyor. The divider is covered with low friction material to facilitate the flow of material around the divider.

Filed: July 11, Date of Patent: December 23, Machinsry Donald D. Counter rotating packerhead assembly. Abstract: A concrete product making machine having a counter rotating packerhead assembly and a concrete supply control operable to maintain a desired amount of concrete in the mold above the packerhead assembly.

The counter rotating Compahy assembly has a first packerhead unit rotated in one direction by a motor and a second packerhead unit Machinerj in an opposite direction by hydraulic motors mounted on the cross head of the machine.

The second packerhead unit located above the first packerhead unit has a plurality of rollers and an annular trowel. The trowel has radially adjustable shoes which meter the flow of concrete to the first packerhead unit.

A control system responsive to hydraulic fluid pressure supplied to the hydraulic motors controls the operation of a concrete supply conveyor operable to deliver concrete to the chamber above the packerhead assembly. The control system includes a control valve assembly operable to regulate the supply of hydraulic fluid to a hydraulic Compsny Hydrotile Machinery Company the conveyor. Filed: April 9, Date of Patent: October Hydrotile Machinery Company, Inventor: Navarro T.

Machine and method for making concrete product. The counter rotating packerhead assembly has a lower packerhead unit rotated in one direction by a motor and on Hydrotlle packerhead unit rotated Hyvrotile an opposite direction by hydraulic motors mounted Hydrotile Machinery Company the cross head Hydrotile Machinery Company the machine.

The upper packerhead unit located above the lower packerhead unit has a plurality of rollers and an annular trowel. The trowel has radially adjustable shoes which meter the flow of concrete to the lower packerhead unit. Filed: September 18, Date of Patent: July 20, Lubricator for concrete pipe vibrators. Abstract: A vibrating system Machienry concrete pipe-making machines incorporating a pressurized lubricating system for the bearings of the vibrator in which oil is drawn from a reservoir and pumped to the bearings and is then returned to the reservoir, the reservoir being MMachinery with a water jacket for cooling the oil.

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Sep 18, 1990 · We claim: 1. A machine for making concrete pipe with the use of an upright mold having a generally cylindrical mold side wall surrounding a mold chamber and a generally cylindrical reinforcing cage located within the mold chamber adjacent the mold side wall and a support having an opening for holding a mold over said opening, comprising: a core and counter rotating packerhead means located ...…