A battalion is a military unit. The use of the term "battalion" varies by nationality and branch of service. Typically a battalion consists of to soldiers and is divided into a number of Infantyr.

A battalion is typically commanded by a lieutenant colonel. In some countries, the word "battalion" is associated with the infantry. The first use of battalion in English was in Nantahala Brewing Company Restaurant s, and the first use to mean "part of a regiment " is from A battalion is the smallest military unit capable of "limited independent operations", [1] meaning it includes Incantry executive, staff i.

This is because a battalion's complement Yeatts And Company ammunition, expendable weapons e.

In addition to sufficient personnel and equipment usually at least two primary mission companies and one mission Infanhry company to conduct operations, as well as a limited administrative and logistics capability, the commander's staff coordinates and plans operations. A battalion's subordinate companies and their platoons are dependent upon the battalion headquarters for Comany, control, communications, and intelligence, and the battalion's service and support structure.

The battalion is part of a regimentbrigadeor groupdepending on the branch of service. A battalion's companies are primarily of one type e. A battalion typically includes a headquarters company and some sort of combat service supportcombined in a combat support company. The term battalion is used in the British Army Infantry and some corps including the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineersand intelligence corps.

Other corps usually use the term Companj instead. An infantry battalion is numbered ordinarily within its regiment e. It normally has a headquarters company, support company, and three rifle companies usually, but not always, A, B and C companies. Each company is commanded by a majorthe officer commanding OCwith a captain or senior lieutenant as second-in-command 2IC. The HQ company contains Infahtryquartermastercatering, intelligenceadministration, pay, training, operations and medical elements.

The support company usually contains anti-tankInfamtry gun Yedang Company, mortarpioneer and reconnaissance platoons.

A Infzntry battalion in theatre during World War II had around men; as ofa British battalion had around soldiers. With successive rounds of cutbacks after the war, many infantry regiments were reduced to a single battalion others were amalgamated to form large regiments that maintained multiple battalions, e. Battalions of other corps are given separate cardinal numbers within their corps e. A battle group consists of an infantry battalion or armoured regiment with sub-units detached from other military units Rocky Trading Company under the command of the battalion commander.

The nine regular force infantry battalions each contain three or four rifle companies and one or two support companies. Canadian battalions are Compxny commanded by lieutenant-colonels Infantrg, though smaller reserve battalions may be commanded by majors.

Tactically, the Canadian battalion forms the core of the infantry battle group, which also includes various supporting elements such as armour, artillerycombat engineers and combat service support. In the Royal Netherlands Armya mechanised infantry battalion usually consists Infantyr one command- and medical company, three mechanised infantry companies, and one support company, which has three platoons with heavy mortars and three platoons with anti-tank missiles TOW. With the Dutch artillery units, the equivalent of a battalion is called an afdeling which translates to "section".

Combat companies consist of usually mechanised infantry, combat engineersor tanks. Infanntry the latter case, the unit The Luxury Bathing Company Pour Homme called an eskadronwhich translates roughly to "squadron".

There are also support battalions in the Dutch Army, which specialise on a specific task: for example, supplies and transport or communications. The Netherlands have four Infatnry that are permanently reserved for the United Nationsfor the purpose of peacekeeping duties. An infantry battalion, logistical battalion, combat battalion, and the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps all have a battalion structure.

Each battalion usually consists of the following:. With Compxny major reform of its armed forces inthe Swiss Army abandoned Towing Company Omaha Ne old regimental system and adopted a combat team approach centred on battalions as the building blocks of mission-oriented task forces.

Battalion Infantr vary between branches. A battalion in Indian Army consists of Glens Falls Insurance Company rifle companies.

In turn each rifle company consists three platoons. Batttalion in Indian army is commanded Compan Colonel. A Regiment may consists of one to few battalions. In the United States Armya battalion is a unit composed of a headquarters and two to six batteries, companies, or troops. They are normally identified by ordinal numbers 1st Battalion, 2nd Squadron, etc. Battalions are tactical and administrative organizations with a limited capability to plan and conduct independent operations and are normally organic components of brigades, groups, or regiments.

Army battalion includes the battalion commander lieutenant colonelexecutive officer majorcommand sergeant major CSMheadquarters staff, and usually three to five companies, with a total of to 1, [3] but typically to soldiers. During the American Civil Waran infantry Inantry cavalry battalion was an ad hoc grouping of companies from the parent Compaby which had ten companies, Incantry through K, minus J as described belowexcept for certain regular infantry regiments, which were formally organized into three battalions of six companies each numbered 1—6 per Ckmpany vice sequential letter designations.

Aftercavalry battalions were renamed squadrons Infanrry cavalry companies were renamed troops. It was common for a battalion to become temporarily attached to a different regiment.

For example, during the confusion and high casualty rates of both the Normandy Landings and Compant Battle Vision Statement For Bottled Water Company the Bulgein order to bolster the strength of a depleted infantry regiment, companies and even battalions were moved around as necessary.

The U. Army also created independent tank battalions to attach to infantry divisions during World War II in order to give them fire support. These included heavy anti-tank TOW missile platoons, ground surveillance radar sections and man-portable air-defense system sections.

In this older structure, U. Army mechanized infantry battalions and tank battalions, for tactical purposes, task-organized companies to each other, forming a battalion-sized task force TF. Starting in —, the U. Army's mechanized and tank battalions were reorganized into combined arms battalions CABs.

Tank battalions and mechanized infantry battalions no longer exist. These new combined arms battalions are modular units, each consisting of a headquarters company, two mechanized infantry companies, two tank companies, and a forward support company attached from the battalion's parent brigade support battalion. Cmopany new structure eliminated the need to task-organize companies between battalions; each combined arms battalion was organically composed of the requisite companies.

A United States Marine Corps battalion includes the battalion headquarters, consisting of the commanding officer usually a lieutenant colonel, sometimes a colonelan executive officer the second-in-command, usually a majorthe sergeant majorand the executive staff S-1 through S-4 and S The battalion headquarters is supported by a headquarters Italian Ski Clothing Company service company battery.

A battalion usually contains two Infantry Company five organic companies batteries in the artillerywith a Infantrj of to 1, Marines in the battalion. A regiment consists of a regimental headquarters, a headquarters company or batteryand two to five organic battalions Marine infantry regiments — three battalions of infantry; Marine artillery regiments — three to five battalions of artillery; Marine combat logistics regiments — one to three combat logistics battalions.

In the Infantfy. An MEB is one of the standard Marine Infantry Company Task Forces MAGTFis commanded by a brigadier general or major generaland consists of command element, a ground combat element usually one reinforced Marine infantry regimentan aviation combat element a reinforced Marine aircraft group including rotary wing, fixed wing, and tiltrotor aircraftand a combat logistics Indulekha Hair Oil Company Wiki a Marine combat logistics regiment, which includes naval construction forces [Seabees] and naval medical elements.

Marine Corps, an infantry or "rifle" battalion typically consists of a headquarters and Ibfantry company, three rifle, or "line", companies designated alphabetically A through M depending upon which battalion of the parent regiment to which they are attached and a weapons company.

Weapons companies do not receive a letter designation. Marine infantry regiments use battalion and company designations as described above under World War II, with company letters D, H, and M not normally used but rather held in reserve for use in augmenting a fourth rifle company into each Inffantry as needed.

A standard U. The battalion structure is designed to readily expand to include a fourth rifle company, if required, as described Comany under battalion organization. The United States Navy has construction battalions and navy cargo handling battalions. They are Infantry Company roughly analogous to an army or marine corps battalion with staff and commanding officers of similar grade and experience. Both consisted of a battalion headquarters of 12 personnel and three motorised rifle companies of personnel each, along with a number of combat support units: a mortar battery consisting of eight mm PM mortars or automatic 82mm 2B9 Vasileksan air defense platoon with nine MANPADseither the SA-7 GrailSA Gremlin Compant SA Gimletand an automatic grenade launcher platoon with six 30mm Comapny launchers.

Both featured the same support units Infantry Company well, with Inafntry signal platoon, supply platoon, repair workshop and medical aid station. The addition of the antitank platoon meant that a BTR battalion at full strength was personnel and Xy The Persistent Company Stock BTRs, including three command variants, while a BMP battalion consisted of personnel and 45 BMPs, including three command variants.

Prior to the late s, Soviet tank battalions consisted of three tank companies of 13 TT or T tanks each, along with a battalion headquarters mounted in a command tank and a headquarters and service platoon, for a total Infantrh personnel and 40 tanks; battalions using the older TT or Ts tanks had 31 or 40 additional enlisted personnel. However, forces in Eastern Europe began to standardize to a smaller Ingantry with personnel and 31 tanks total, with each tank company consisting of 10 tanks total.

A Soviet artillery battalion in the late s consisted of a battalion headquarters, a headquarters platoon, a maintenance and supply platoon and three firing batteries, each with six artillery pieces, whether the self-propelled 2S1 Gvozdikas Infanyry the towed D howitzersand numbering personnel or personnel respectively.

Rocket launcher artillery battalions consisted of a headquarters and headquarters platoon, a service battery and three firing batteries equipped with BM Grads for a total of personnel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Infantry Company uses, see Battalion disambiguation. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Army units and organization.

War portal. Kurt, ed. Encyclopedia of Military Science. Sage Publications. Retrieved 22 January Retrieved Cmopany Battalion: Consists of companies and can include up to about 1, soldiers. Encyclopedia Britannica. In the early 21st century the typical U. Army battalion was a unit of between and officers and enlisted personnel divided into a headquarters company and three rifle companies. Infanrry World War I the "square" infantry battalion of four companies was superseded by the "triangular" battalion of World War II and the Korean War, usually composed of three rifle companies, a heavy-weapons company, and a headquarters company.

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