Insurance Company Ratings Chart factor you should consider when selecting an insurance company is the insurer's financial strength. Analyzing an insurer's financial condition requires a considerable amount of number-crunching. Fortunately, financial ratings firms have done much of Capitol Cycle Company Macon Ga 31210 work for you.

There Ratinge five companies that publish financial ratings of insurance companies. They include Fitch RatingsA. Best, which analyzes insurers only, these Insurance Company Ratings Chart provide ratings of many types of businesses. Each of the five companies Insurance Company Ratings Chart developed a rating system to describe insurers' financial condition.

All of the systems use letters of the alphabet Moody's also uses numbers. The ratings generally range from "excellent" or "superior" to "poor" or "distressed. Rating organizations consider both qualitative and quantitative factors when evaluating an insurer.

While the companies use similar data to calculate their ratings, no two systems are alike. For one thing, the companies use different scales. Moody's system also includes 21 categories but it uses a combination of capital letters, lower-case letters, and numbers from Aaa to C. The rating companies also differ in the methods they use to calculate insurer ratings. Because rating systems vary, it's a good idea to consider ratings from several companies when evaluating an insurer.

The top six ratings used by each of the five companies to evaluate insurers' financial strength are listed in the table below. The Insurance Company Ratings Chart that ratings appear in the same row does not mean they are equivalent to each other. The financial strength ratings are "forward-looking. An insurer's primary obligation is to make claim payments to or on behalf of policyholders. Insurers may also have contractual obligations to reinsurers and other parties.

A credit rating is based on assumptions and is not a guarantee of an insurer's future performance. The assumptions underlying a credit rating may prove to be wrong. The classifications used by rating firms are fairly broad, so Company Job classification is likely to include a large number of insurers.

While these insurers have similarities, they are not identical credit risks. Insurance company ratings reflect insurers' financial ability to pay claims. They are not a measure of the quality of insurers' claim handling services. The fact that an insurer can pay claims does not Comlany it will do so efficiently or effectively. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Insutance Business, you accept our.

Business Insurance Choosing a Company. By Marianne Bonner. A quantitative assessment using KBRA's long-term credit scale RRatings stress testing. KBRA considers factors such as the Insuramce loss reserves, ceded reinsurance leverageand combined ratio. Alternatively, it may indicate that there are outside risks that may negatively impact the firm.

A potential rating constraint due to currency transfer risk. An insurer that operates in an emerging market may be unable to raise foreign currency to meet financial obligations due to political or economic constraints. Highly likely to meet financial obligations Excellent financial security. Likely to meet financial obligations. Good financial security.

Weak financial security characteristics Weak financial condition Poor financial security. Article Table of Contents Skip to section Expand. Rating Systems. How They Differ. Comparison of Ratings.

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