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The company I work for used to do their intercompany pooling on a net basis. However last year the company changed the intercompany pooling agreement to be on a "gross" basis after questions from AM Best about why we did it that way. I, and our finance team, have been struggling with how this should be done.

It is easy to pool the premium and gross losses, but how do you treat the ceded losses? For instance, if I reinsurance recoverable under one company, does that recoverable stay with that company or does the recoverable get pooled as well? If the ceded losses are pooled then how does that apply to schedule F, particularly with regards to avoiding the schedule F penalty? We have a line of credit that is used to support that recoverable but the line of credit was written for Intercompany Reinsurance Pooling Agreement one company, not for all the companies that participate in the pool.

Thus we can't at least that's our belief "allocate" the line of credit to each company to remove the schedule F penalty. Has anyone come across Noodles And Company Near My Location issue? How Intercompany Reinsurance Pooling Agreement your companies do intercompany pooling and third party reinsurance? We have third party reinsurance treaties that are unique to individual subsidiaries.

I can't see doing it any other way without a lot of headaches. Red Klotz. I remember that Feldblum has some notes on this issue, he states that some companies do segregate some portions of the Zagat Company from intercompany pooling, presumably because they have a unique third party reinsurance arrangement.

For your LOC you may just want to exclude that portion. Here's the link, not a lot of help, but a start. Each subsidiary cedes individually to third party reinsurers first. Whatever is left net is ceded to the pooling arrangement. Thread Tools. Intercompany Reinsurance Pooling Agreement times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name. Remember Me?

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Intercompany Pooling Arrangement means the Reinsurance Pooling Agreement amended and restated as of January 1, 2005 by and among State Auto Mutual, State Auto P&C, Milbank, State Auto Wisconsin, Farmers Casualty, State Auto Ohio, State Auto Florida , Meridian Security and Meridian Citizens Mutual, as such agreement may be modified and supplemented and in effect from time to time, consistent ...…

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