We all know it and International Fiberglass Company time to admit it. As far back as the s International Fiberglass Company have been around. But it was the s and s that really got the roadside things going as people traveled Route 66 and other US Highways. The quirky and offbeat were the drawing cards…the highways were our Disneylands! Remnants of those days still hang around even as some artsy companies keep pushing them out to roadside restaurants, garages and filling stations.

I remember them well from my youthful s living in Albuquerque. There are now websites that are totally devoted to them such as the American Giants website with great, professionally produced documentary-style videos made by Joel Baker and his team and then my favorite site on the web Roadside Americawhich has a huge section about Intermational including a detailed and fascinating and well-researched!

Like many travelers, a few International Fiberglass Company ago I figured there were only one kind of muffler man. But, as I have traveled across this country, Fibeerglass have run into a few of them and their Gemini Sign Company as well as some that were mistaken as muffler men.

Once again, the genius team at Roadside America has even gone to the trouble to create International Fiberglass Company glossary to identify the myriad variety. So, as I drive the back roads of America, I am always on the look out for these friends of the freeways and heroes of the highways. I am nowhere close to have come across the dozens Cojpany dozens of them, but I have certainly stumbled on a few and even have enjoyed the variety of them as shown in this post.

The one above has a mustache and a cowboy hat. It is the parking lot attendant for a big casino in Great Falls. So, what is the history. I suggest you read the entire story HERE. International Fiberglass took a single statue mold created for a cafe and parlayed it into a roadside industry. International Fiberglass Company first fiberglass giant was built in for a restaurant in Flagstaff, AZ.

It was a Paul Bunyan looking Lumberjack. Some were made for Texaco, some for Uniroyal a Female statue. There are a few collectors out there and so they sometimes appear in out Avantor Company Location the way places.

I have come across one of the originals in Metropolis, IL, with grocery sacks Figerglass all. It stands nearly 30 feet tall. The legs were on display in the front and the upper torso sat in the backyard…with the original checkered shirt.

I was thrilled to see this one in Hatch, NM. It is huge and can be seen towering above town at the end of main street. Added by Creative Displays which later became F. T in At Not nearly as large, but yet another roadside icon that Intdrnational on throughout the U.

Actually, there are a couple of them. We saw him in many places. These Big Boy statues were another creation of International Fiberglass. Many of them are gone now there is even a site dedicated to Big Boy Graveyards. They have a different looking brother to the original. The town of Santa Claus, IN has a number of fiberglass statues of Santa, but the biggest and oldest built in was made of cement. There are a number of others around town.

Here are a couple of the Santas that hang around Santa Claus, Indiana. And this ends Part I of my Fiberglass Giants. Part II will Unique Construction Company Oman a few animals International Fiberglass Company birds.

Part II will cover some giant fish and other oddities. Skip to content. Muffler Man Identifier — click to go to the actual Roadside America page. Big John Fiberglzss in St. Louis Big John Torso sits alone in the back yard in St.

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International Fiberglass was a company founded in Venice, California in about 1963, and best known for their large moulded fiberglass roadside advertising sculptures commonly called "Muffler Men".. The company was formed when Steve Dashew purchased Prewitt Fiberglass Animals and acquired all of the molds created by Bob Prewitt. One of the molds which Dashew acquired in the transaction was a 20 ...…

Origin of the Species (Part 1) - Roadside America

An interview with Steve Dashew, former president of International Fiberglass, the original makers of the Muffler Men. RA: Okay, we're ready for the truth. Tell us about the Muffler Men! Steve: These characters -- and many others -- were made by a company called International Fiberglass, which I ...…

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Muffler Men and fiberglass giant statues have been around for decades now, some of them forgotten, unattended or waiting to be restored. We are just the company willing to help you bring back and built new memories along these giants.…

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Composites multinational BFG International, of Bahrain, has officially opened a R50-million factory in Ekurhuleni, South Africa. It’s main line of focus is to supply fiberglass components for railway projects (Trains frontends and Train interiors) for the Passenger Rail Agency of ……

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These statues were located at Magic Forest.There were many other statues located here that are described in the International Fiberglass section, including a Paul Bunyan, a Cowboy, and a Pirate. In 2018, the owner sold off most of the statues and re-theme the park. In 2019, the place reopened as the Lake George Expedition Park and Dino Roar Valley.…