Welcome to ComplianceWeek. This site uses cookies. Read our policy. Emmanuel holds a Master of Laws from U. Before that, I was a lawyer in practice, working for an American law firm. A: The idea is to make sure we behave properly, both Nevins Brewing Company a company and as individuals.

That has a lot to do with the culture of the company. The idea is to focus on doing the right thing. It comes from the basic idea that things can be lawful, but awful. It is about behavior. It is part of the culture of the company. Our global CEO, Jean-Paul Agon, has a strong personal conviction; he has been very clear about the fact that we do not want to compromise on ethics.

We want to act with sincerity. Sincerity is very important, because it is the best way to differentiate between companies that talk the talk and those that walk the talk, so to speak. We all have great policies. We all have Is Loreal An Ethical Company systems. The real differentiator is the sincerity with which we walk the talk.

We do it because we believe in it. This has been a key driver from the very beginning. Q: How do you oversee employees around the world and gain a better understanding of the ethics issues they face? This helps me to understand what real ethics issues we face.

These visits are a key opportunity to interface with our Is Loreal An Ethical Company. I meet with the management committees but also different employees at all levels and functions. Q: Fostering a speak-up culture is also an important part of an ethics and compliance program. A: We want to make sure everyone in the organization feels free to speak up without fear, not because of any regulation but because we believe we make better decisions as a business if people feel free to express themselves.

We have organized a number of occasions to encourage employees to speak up. One of Company Films Keanu Reeves occasions is our annual Ethics Day.

Workshops are held where any one of our 86, employees around the world can communicate directly with the CEO and ask questions online. They are not seeded questions. We get several thousand questions. We try to answer as many as we can.

Of course, we cannot respond to all of them. Is Loreal An Ethical Companyeach country manager has organized a similar live discussion with their teams at a regional level. For example, one country invited a female football referee to talk about respect in the workplace. We put out a new edition every seven years. Tell me about that. We felt it was necessary and a way to be transparent about our commitments and how they are implemented in practice. We sent it to our First August Construction Company suppliers and customers, and we offered to work with them if they wish to develop a similar policy within their own company.

It will address issues like forced labor, non-discrimination, health and safety issues, anti-harassment, and freedom of expression. We explain not only our vision for what we expect, but also demonstrate these issues with real-life examples and practical questions. Last year we created the Human Rights Steering Committee, and we have different members from the organization who are members of this committee.

We have someone from HR, finance, compliance, legal, but also Is Loreal An Ethical Company heads from the regions where we operate to make sure we have a wide representation. We discuss real issues and how we are implementing our policies and how to uphold them.

We gather several times a year. We find it very useful to make sure we are all aligned. We asked the Danish Institute for Human Rights to assess where we stand, and they communicated with the steering committee on their conclusion. Q: You mentioned transparency. How important of Humboldt Soap Company role does transparency play in being an ethical company?

A: Transparency is super important. They want to know what works well and what are the challenges. We disclose what corrective measures have resulted. This transparency is appreciated by everyone in the organization.

The letter is sent jointly from human resources and the Office of the Chief Ethics Officer. A: We have an annual survey. We ask employees such questions as, are you comfortable speaking up? Do you feel that management demonstrates our ethical principles?

A: Trust is very important. We need the trust of our employees. We need the trust of our suppliers. We need the trust of our shareholders. We need the trust of our clients. We need the trust of key stakeholders. Trust is a foundation of ethics. How ethical you are generates trust. Compliance Week discusses with Shannon Duncan, CCO and director of operations at registered investment adviser Blooom, the many unique challenges of doing compliance in the complex, ever-evolving FinTech space.

In this one-on-one, we caught up with Louise Vamvoukaki, director of sustainability education and engagement at AstraZeneca, who shared how the company overhauled its organizational culture through design of its Code of Ethics. Compliance Week talked with Stuart Brock, director of Seal Software, about the risks faced by banks—not the least of which is third-party due diligence. Site powered by Webvision Cloud.

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