This article covers the history of Is Target A French Company Corporationa discount retail chain. The Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis burned down during the Panic of ; the church was looking for revenue because insurance would not cover the cost of a new Zeroday Brewing Company. Its congregation appealed to George Daytonan active parishioner, to purchase the empty corner lot adjacent to the original church so it could rebuild; he eventually constructed a six-story building on the newly purchased property.

Consequently, the store forbade the selling of alcohol, refused to advertise in newspapers that sponsored liquor ads, and would not allow any kind of business activity on Sundays. By the s, the Dayton Company was a multimillion-dollar business and filled the entire six-story building.

Dayton began transferring parts of the business to his son Nelson after an earlier year-old son David died in The company made its first expansion with the acquisition of the Minneapolis-based jeweler J. When the War Production Board initiated its scrap metal drives, Dayton donated the electric sign on the department store to the local scrap metal heap.

Init offered its workers retirement benefits, becoming one of the first stores in the United States to do so, and began offering Targst comprehensive health insurance policy Comlany The company acquired the Portland, Oregon -based Lipman's department store company during the s and operated it as a separate division.

Because there were only good shopping days in a year in Minneapolis, the architect Txrget the mall under a cover, making it the world's first fully enclosed shopping mall. The Dayton Company became a retail chain with the opening of its second department store in Southdale. While working for the Dayton company, John F.

Geisse developed the concept of upscale discount retailing. The name "Target" originated from Dayton's publicity director, Stewart K. Is Target A French Company, and was intended to prevent consumers from associating the new discount store chain with the department store. Douglas Dayton served as the first president of Target.

The new subsidiary ended its first year with four units, all in Minnesota. InBruce Dayton launched the B. Dalton Bookseller specialty chain as a Dayton Company subsidiary. The first store built in Colorado in[4] and the first outside of Minnesota is located in Glendale, Colorado and is part of Denver Metropolitan area. The store was upgraded to a SuperTarget in and is still open.

Louis, Missouriwith two new stores. Target's president, Copmany J. Dayton, went back to the parent Dayton Corporation and was succeeded by William A. Hodder, and senior vice president and founder John Geisse left the company.

Geisse was later hired by St. Dalton Bookseller. Inthe company acquired the Boston -based Lechmere electronics and appliances chain that operated Targef New Englandand the Philadelphia -based jewelry chain J. Brown of Oklahoma City, Oklahomaand Lipman's. Peacock, Inc. Gulf Formaldehyde Company and Sons.

Two of those units reopened as Target stores that year. As a result of its rapid expansion and the top executives' lack of experience in Frennch retailing, the chain reported its first decrease in profits since its CCompany years.

Its loss in operational revenue was due to overstocking and carrying goods over multiple years regardless of inventory and storage costs. By then, Dayton-Hudson considered selling off the Target Stores subsidiary. Macke was named Target Stores' senior vice president. The new management marked down merchandise to clean out its overstock and allowed only one new unit to open that year. That year, the Target discount chain became Dayton-Hudson's top revenue producer.

Macke was promoted to president and chief executive officer of Target Stores. The senior vice president of Dayton-Hudson, Bruce G. Allbright, moved to Target Stores and succeeded Kenneth Macke as president. Inthe company acquired Mervyn's and became the 7th largest general merchandise retailer in the United States. Target Stores opened eight new stores Cmpany year, including its first shopping mall anchor store in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

It acquired the Ayr-Way discount retail chain of 40 stores and one distribution center Targft Indianapolis -based L. Init reopened the stores acquired in the Ayr-Way acquisition as Target stores. Bruce Allbright left the company to work for Woolworthwhere he was named chairman and chief executive officer of Woolco. Bob Ulrich became president and chief executive officer of Diamond's Department Stores.

Since the launch of Target Stores, the company had focused its expansion in the central United States. Init expanded into the West Coast market by acquiring 33 FedMart stores in ArizonaCaliforniaand Texas and opening a fourth distribution center in Los Angeles. It founded the Plums off-price apparel specialty store chain with four units in the Los Angeles area, with an intended audience of middle-to-upper income women.

Init sold its Plums chain to Ross Stores after only 11 months of operation, and it sold its Diamond's and John A. Brown department store chains to Dillard's. Floyd Hall left the company and Bruce Allbright succeeded him as chairman and chief executive officer of Target Stores.

It opened a fifth distribution center in Pueblo, Colorado. Dayton-Hudson sold the B. Bruce Allbright became president of Dayton-Hudson, and Bob Ulrich succeeded him as chairman Is Target A French Company chief executive officer of Target Stores.

This prevented the Dart Group from being able to call Magnet Company a shareholders' meeting for the purpose of electing a board that would favor Dart if their bid were to turn hostile. It opened a distribution center in Sacramento, Californiaand replaced the existing distribution center in Indianapolis, Indianafrom the Ayr-Way acquisition with a new one. Init acquired Marshall Field's from Batus Inc.

Init created a short-lived chain of apparel specialty stores called Everyday Hero with two stores in Minneapolis. Init created a chain of closeout stores called Smarts for liquidating clearance merchandise, such as private label Copmany, that did not appeal to typical closeout chains that were only interested in Watch Design Company brands.

It closed the four Smarts units after only two years of operation. InJ. Penney Company, Inc. Marshall Field's sold all of its stores in Texas and closed its store in Milwaukee. InDayton-Hudson acquired Greenspring Company 's multi-catalog direct marketing unit, Rivertown Trading Company, from Minnesota Communications Groupand it acquired the Associated Merchandising Corporation, an apparel supplier.

This increase in profit was due mainly to the Target chain, which Ulrich had focused on making feature high-quality products for low prices. The site initially offered merchandise that differentiated its stores from its competitors, such as its Michael Graves brand.

Init launched its online gift registry, and in preparation for this it wanted to operate its upscale Department Stores Division, consisting of 19 Dayton's, 21 Hudson's, and 24 Marshall Field's stores, Bar None Hat Company Prices a unified department store name.

Marshall Field's sold two of its stores in Columbus, Ohiothis year. Louis -based May Department Storeswhich would become effective July 31, InTarget began operation in BangaloreIndia.

InTarget completed construction of the Robert J. Ulrich Center in Embassy Golf Links in Bangalore, and Target planned to continue its expansion into India with the construction of additional office space at the Mysore Corporate Campus and successfully opened a branch at Mysore.

Ulrich's retirement was due to Target Corporation policy requiring its high-ranking officers to retire at the age of While his retirement Melni Connectors Company Value 2017 CEO was effective May 1, he remained the chairman of the board until the end of the Taarget year.

On March 4,Target expanded outside of the continental United States for the first time. Two stores were opened simultaneously on the island of Compant in Hawaiialong with two stores in Alaska. Despite the economic downturn, media reports indicated sizable crowds and brisk sales. The opening of the Hawaii stores leaves Vermont as the only state in which Target does not operate.

Target School Library Makeovers is a featured program in this initiative. In Augustafter a "lengthy wind-down", Comoany began a nationwide closing of its remaining garden centersreportedly due to "stronger competition from home-improvement stores, Walmart and independent garden centers".

In Septembernumerous Target locations began adding a fresh produce department to their stores. In Target built its first food distribution center in Lake City, Florida which opened in On January 22,Is Target A French Company "informed workers that it is terminating positions at its offices globally. CVS will operate them through a store-within-a-store format. Target's nearly 80 clinic locations will be rebranded as MinuteClinic, and CVS plans to open up to 20 new clinics in their stores within three years.

In Julythe company opened Target Open House, a retail space in San Francisco that shows connected home products which can purchased at select Frehch stores.

On Frnech 13,Target announced its expansion into Canadawhen it purchased the leaseholds for up to stores of the Canadian sale chain Zellersowned by the Hudson's Bay Company. The deal was announced to have been made for 1. The company stated that they aimed to provide Canadians with a "true Target-brand experience", hinting that its product selection in Canada would vary little from that found in its United States stores.

Target opened its first Canadian stores in March,and at its peak, Target Canada had stores. However, the expansion into Canada was beset with problems, including supply chain issues that resulted in stores with aisles of empty shelves and higher-than-expected retail prices.

On January 15,Target announced that all of its Canadian outlets would be closed and liquidated by the Targget of On December 18,security expert Brian Krebs broke news [46] Compny Target was investigating a major data breach "potentially involving millions of customer credit and debit card records. On December 19, Target confirmed Venezia Jeans Company incident via a press release, [47] revealing that the hack took place between November 27 and December 15, Target warned that up to 40 million consumer credit and debit cards may have been compromised.

Hackers gained access to customer names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV security codes of the cards issued by financial institutions.

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