In an era when large corporate firms dominate the seed business, Johnston Seed Co. Chestnut in Enid, which include a new 3,square-foot retail Compang, a tripling of on-site warehouse space and new cleaning and processing equipment. Company representatives Johnshon Johnston Seed Company Enid will showcase top-of-the-line products, including a Joohnston portfolio of turf and forage grasses considered among the best in the world, developed, tested and grown in-house.

The entrepreneurial spirit driving the company is part of a legacy that goes back to its early roots in the Cherokee Strip Outlet, according to president and CEO Joey Meibergen, the fifth generation to run the family business. Meibergen said the company continues to draw inspiration from the risk-taking and forward-thinking of founder Willis B. Johnston, who went to Kansas City inshortly after the Cherokee Strip Land Run, and brought back a rail car filled with seed and supplies so the pioneers Johnston Seed Company Enid plant their first Sed.

The anniversary celebration coincides with a company-wide rebranding campaign, which includes a new logo and a user-friendly website. Johnston Seed products are sold through a network of dealers and distributors, and Ford Motor Company Departments overseas to Japan, South Korea, Brazil and other markets worldwide. The company grows around 35 different plant species on 20 irrigated circles around 3, acres and employs roughly 40 Comlany who, taken together, represent hundreds of years of experience in the agricultural field, Meibergen said.

But they are starting to hear about it now, which is very exciting. It all started as part of a collaboration JJohnston Oklahoma State University to introduce the first proprietary seeded Bermudagrass, Guymon, back in The company also sells sod and licenses its grass genetics to other sod farms around the country, Meibergen said.

Goodwin, the sales director, who has been with the company for just over 10 years, described Oklahoma as Sed little late to the game on cover crops but rapidly catching up. Making selections about which plant species to grow, how to combine them and timing of rotations is something the sales team of six can help with, he added. When you have people on staff with 30 and even plus years of experience, that goes a long way toward helping ensure success.

They include Tiffany teff grass, a quick growing warm season annual with excellent hay and forage quality; Red River crabgrass, another annual that makes lush oJhnston palatable summer pasture; and brown mid-rid or low lignin sorghum sudangrasses and forage sorghums, which are highly digestible and productive, typically providing multiple cuttings. One challenge Goodwin sees affecting the nEid business is herbicide resistant weeds, especially Palmer amaranth, often referred to as pigweed.

In Oklahoma, the Johnston name has long been synonymous with grain origination, marketing and agronomy services, which sometimes overshadowed the seed side of the business. Since then, the business has re-focused on its role in seed development and distribution. Goodwin said 10k Solar Company enjoys being part of a business that is Companj owned and operated and dedicated to the success of Johnstom Oklahoma and the surrounding region.

You do get treated like family here. Facebook Twitter. Johnston Seed Company Celebrates years in Business. Their average tenure is 10 years, which is twice the national average. Several other leading varieties followed. Search for:.

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