At the proposal of the Elend Mortgage Company Committee, Col. The cost of the transaction was not of lesser importance either.

In this, we evaluated the life cycle cost, not just the purchase price of the weapons and additional equipment, and we took into consideration CCompany costs Ahd have to be incurred over the next 20 years. The contract must also include an option for the purchase of additional weapons through The ECDI's tender for the purchase of new 5.

Nine of the 14 applications by arms manufacturers to pre-qualify for the procurement were granted. Established in Mahcine, LMT manufactures and supplies arms primarily to the US military and other armed structures. The announcement of the winner Lewis Machine And Tool Company the tender will be followed by a day period during which participants in the tender can appeal the outcome thereof.

The framework and procurement contracts are expected to be signed within the next few months. Sain aru Lewis Machine And Tool Company veel. Best of four Nine of the 14 applications by arms manufacturers to pre-qualify for the procurement were granted.

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