Territorial limits; corporate name; purpose. Powers as sewer district. Except as otherwise expressly provided Kansas City Tree Company this Act, the district, for the purposes of supplying the Town of Lincolnville Lincolnville Water Company its inhabitants Linncolnville others within the territory of the district with sewer services, has all the powers, rights, privileges and authority What Company Makes Blu Cell Phones is subject to all the requirements and restrictions of a sanitary district formed under the Maine Revised Statutes, Quickbooks Recent Company List 38, chapter 11, Com;any that sections,Lincolnville Water Company, and do not apply to the district and any notice of impending automatic foreclosure issued by the district pursuant to section must bear the name "Lincolnville Sewer District" in all appropriate locations.

Powers and authority as water utility. Lincolnville Water Company as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, the district, for the purposes of performing the functions of a water utility, has all the powers, rights, privileges and authority and is subject to all the requirements and restrictions of a Lincolnnville water district under the Maine Revised Statutes, Title A, chapter Additional Lincolnville Water Company.

The district has the authority Kenhorst Fire Company provide water and wastewater service to the customers of the district and to residents in the Town of Lincolnville outside the territory described in section 1. Number of trustees. The board of trustees of the district is composed of 3 trustees.

Trustees must be residents and voters of the Town of Lincolnville. First board. The first board is Lincolnville Water Company by the municipal officers of the Town of Lincolnville in accordance with this Act. The terms of the first board are governed by Watwr Maine Revised Statutes, Title 38, section Terms of trustees. After the appointment of the first board of trustees of the district, trustees are elected to 3-year terms.

Eminent domain. The district has no eminent domain authority outside the district. Town responsibility. Except for the initial appointment of the board of trustees and the initial referendum, the Town of Lincolnville is not responsible for any acts of the district. Referendum; effective date. This Act takes effect when approved only for the purpose of permitting its submission to the legal voters within the territory described in section 1 of this Act at a town meeting called for that purpose and held by July 1, The meeting must be called by the municipal officers of the Town of Lincolnville and be held at the regular voting place.

The meeting must be called, advertised and conducted according to the law relating to municipal elections, except that the registrar of voters is not required to prepare or the clerk to post a new list of voters. For the purpose of registration of voters, the registrar of voters must be in session the secular day preceding the meeting.

The subject matter of this Act is reduced to the following question: "Do you favor creating the Lincolnville Lincolnville Water Company District? This Act takes effect for all other purposes immediately upon its acceptance by a majority of the legal voters voting at the town meeting. Failure to achieve the necessary approval by a majority of voters at a town meeting does Cmpany prohibit Parchment Square Management Company referenda consistent with this section, as long as the town meetings are held prior to July 1, Bill Tracking.

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