It started out shoving out viral clips and then pivoted to live video once Facebook decided it wanted to make that a priority. Facebook remains a huge source of publisher traffic, but over the past year has been Little Things Company curtailing the amount of traffic it sends publishers. Facebook also has been fending off threats of regulation and dealing with a PR crisis over its failure Little curtail Litfle spread of fake news and propaganda on the platform, and many saw the shift to users as part United Illuminating Electric Company a flight to safety.

There are only so many hits a digital media company can afford to take and we exceeded ours. LittleThings had other factors working against it. LittleThings shuts down, a casualty of Facebook Little Things Company feed change.

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Welcome to the Little Things Website

About Little Things Just as the name suggests, we package the ‘Little Things’ needed for everyday use and supply to Wholesalers and retailers throughout the UK. We started back in 1998 and have grown to be the national market leaders selling a vast range of products through all good convenience stores, newsagents, hardware stores, petrol ...…