When Loose Company Karl Weick formulated the concepts of tight and loose organizational structures, he was describing educational institutions. However, any structured group or organization can be classified in these ways.

This includes the loose coupling of a hippie commune with a very informal Ams Property Preservation Company structure. Military forces, on the other hand, have tight coupling with very disciplined and formal structure. Likewise, the culture of businesses can also be described as either loose or tight. There is no wrong or right culture, but your employees need to feel comfortable with the company culture in order to be happy at work.

According to Gallup51 percent of the American workforce is not engaged in the company that they 24kt Gold Rose Company for.

Meanwhile, approximately 47 percent of people who are looking for a new job company culture as a primary reason, according to Hays. CultureIQ states that executive leadership has been identified as a driving force for company culture in 83 percent of businesses.

Should your company have a loose or tight culture? Both loose and tight cultures have their pros and cons. A closer look at each one may help you define the culture that you want to create. A loose company culture fosters creativity and values free thinking. Workers are given the freedom to explore new ideas and even to experiment within limits. This type of culture generally is a good fit for Loose Company people because workers do not feel as though they must conform to company goals.

Managers allow workers to handle their tasks as mature adults rather than micromanaging them. In many cases, a loose company culture has a flexible work environment. Zappos is a reputable online retailer that is based in Las Vegas, and it is a perfect example of how a successful company with a loose culture is run.

Employees are given exceptional freedom in the workplace. All 1, employees have created their own job titles. They all feel free to work independently, but they know that their opinions are valued. Employees report to teams rather Loose Company to a specific manager, and they are encouraged to develop new skills Loose Company a badge system. Even in the call center, freedom reigns. Call center reps are not required to speak with a script or to monitor how much time they spend on a call.

In a company with tight coupling, employees are carefully supervised on a daily basis. Employees and middle Loose Company alike may feel pressure to justify their actions and to define how their actions are in line with company objectives. These companies typically have layered hierarchies and a clear protocol for communication up and down the chain of command.

There is usually a dress code. These businesses are typically focused on numbers and analysis, and they are averse to taking risks. GE is a perfect example of a company with a tight culture. It was founded inand it is run with strict and traditional managerial practices that have not changed much from its early days. In many cases, local car dealerships and banks are also run with a traditional, tight corporate culture.

There are clearly defined roles, and workers are expected to complete responsibilities in a pre-determined way. As you can see, there are exceptional pros and cons to both structures. Finding a balance between these two culture types may be ideal for some businesses. Innovation can be combined with moderated risk-taking. Employees may have a list of fixed responsibilities, but their innovative ideas may be welcome. Accountability, productivity and employee retention can be properly addressed through a healthy balance.

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