Our claims department handles all claims in accordance with New York State Regulations. Any person who presents a claim is entitled to courteous and fair treatment from our claims representatives. The claims professional assigned to the claim will work diligently to establish and foster an atmosphere of equitable and efficient claims handling.

Our intention is to always promptly process all claims and to protect the rights of our policyholders by investigating each loss completely, thoroughly, and with the highest regard for customer service. In case of a loss to Maidstone Insurance Company Mineola Ny property or automobile, please follow the duties below. We have no obligation to provide coverage under this policy if the failure to comply with the following duties is prejudicial to us:.

A Catastophe is a disaster that affects a specific geographic Jaderloon Greenhouse Company and affects a large number of our customers. Examples would be hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and even large hailstorms.

When serious catastrophes approach, you should take reasonable steps to protect your property as long as it is safe for you to do so. Check the radio, television or other media for emergency information and immediately follow all advice from authorities regarding evacuation or other safety procedures.

Members of our Catastrophe Team are specially trained and equipped claims representatives who work in areas hit by catastrophes. The Catastrophe Response program is an extension of Maidstones's Claim Department, which ensures that claims professionals are available when and where customers need them, regardless of the day, time or circumstances of the claim.

Customers affected by a local catastrophe can report a claim 24 hours a day at the links provided above. Claims are handled Company Tax Id Catastrophe-trained customer service specialists in our Catastrophe Response Maidstone Insurance Company Mineola Ny.

Customer Service: We have no obligation to provide coverage under this policy if the failure to comply with the following duties is prejudicial to us: Give Maidstone Insurance Company Mineola Ny notice to Maidstone of how, when and where the accident or loss happened. Notice should also include the names and addresses of any injured persons and of any witnesses. Notify the police if necessary or required by law. Protect the Maidstone Insurance Company Mineola Ny from further damage.

If repairs to the property are required immediately, you must: Take pictures of damages. Make reasonable and necessary repairs to protect the property. Keep an accurate record of repair expenses. Prepare an inventory of damaged personal property showing the quantity, description, actual cash value and amount of loss. Attach all bills, receipts and related documents that justify the figures in the inventory.

Maintain receipts for additional living expenses incurred and records that support the fair rental value loss.

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