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Log in. Forums English OYu English Only. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Comoany make your company. ItBeatsMe Compny Russian. A friend of mind argues that you can say it and yet I've never come across it. I've always thought 'keep sb's company is the way to express the idea.

Was I wrong? Any difference? In the context -I'm going to the cinema. Will you make my company? ItBeatsMe said:. I've always thought 'keep sb's someone company is the Compant to express the idea Last edited: Jun 25, I would agree with you.

I've never heard it Make You A Company, "to make someone's company" before. I'd surely not consider it correct by any means. Is your friend a native English speaker? I'm guessing, "no"? DW Banned Polish. Yup, it's keep someone companyorginally put as now archaic bear someone company. Mind you, don't confuse it with keep company with someone. Whilst I agree with the others, I can't help but think that the sentence would sound a little stilted Clmpany you were to use one of the phrases that have been mentioned.

Would you like to come with me? Fancy keeping me company? Do you want to come? And there are other possibilities too, of course. Compay Ruck said:. Let's go with me to the party. Looks like you made it wrong Make You A Company wrong with " Let's go with me to the party"? Hmm I just thought ' bear someone company' was just formal What does ' Make You A Company company with someone' mean?

Why do you think I got it wrong? Well it's all over every dictinary. I'm sorta not sure what my friend told Yiu now. Zenon Long Life Lamp Company you settle "let's go with me to the party" please? Well it's they're all over every dicti o nary.

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