Mark Twain was never truly satisfied with any of his book publishers. Charles H. Osgood to be inexperienced and inept. His solution was to start his own subscription Mark Twain Publishing Company firm. In he founded Charles L. Mark Twain Publishing Company hoped to reap the combined benefits of being an author and a publisher. The new company enjoyed great success with its first two publications, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S.

Tensions flared as the company foundered. In an exasperated Clemens forced the overworked and ailing Webster out of the company. Deep in debt, the firm declared bankruptcy on April 18, In the end, Mark Twain Publishing Company attempt to seize control of the publishing process left Clemens as just another book publisher who disappointed Mark Twain.

To promote his new book, Clemens read selections from Huckleberry Finn during his lecture tour in He also agreed to pre-publish excerpts of the book in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazinea practice he had not allowed with his books. Clemens hoped to sell 40, subscriptions of the book by December 15 thpublish the book that day, and then release thousands of additional copies into bookstores Pulbishing time for Christmas shoppers.

However, problems with a defaced illustration held up publication until early Within weeks of its publication the book was banned by the Concord Public Library, Matk generated publicity and public discussion.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was the first book published by Charles L. As a subscription book, it was offered in a variety of bindings: library sheephalf morocco, and cloth.

The Twaain prospectus offered the book in green cloth, but a later prospectus presented the book in both green and blue cloth. One story about the book, likely apocryphal, asserts that the blue bindings were discontinued because blue did not sell well in the post-Civil War South.

Clemens selected Edward W. Kemple, a young New York artist, to illustrate the original edition of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

The first Canadian issue of Huckleberry Finn was published by Dawson Brothers on December 10,two months before the first Publishin edition was released. An authorized edition, it was printed from a duplicate set of plates provided by the Webster company. Defrauded by Commpany corrupt business partner, the nearly bankrupt former President and General was persuaded by Clemens to write Best Porcelain Tile Company publish his memoirs with the Webster firm.

Dying of throat cancer, Grant wrote until the last days of his life. It is now regarded as one of TTwain greatest of military memoirs. After the success of the Grant memoirs, Clemens Publisihng Charles L.

Webster published the biographies of several other Civil War generals and military heroes, including this work written by the widow of General George Armstrong Custer. The book Companyy well enough to be reprinted several times. View an image of this exhibition case: 1.

Previous Page Next Page. Charles L. Qingdao Junfeng Industry Company Limited and Company Mark Twain was never truly satisfied Twsin any of his book publishers. Compan Twain. New York: Charles L. Webster and Company, First American Mxrk, first issue.

First American edition. Blue binding. Montreal: Dawson Brother, Publishers, First Canadian edition. Personal Memoirs of U. New York, Charles L. Beecher and Rev. Samuel Scoville. A Biography of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. From the collection of Susan Jaffe Tane.

Ulysses S. Elizabeth Custer. William C.

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