It's fair to say that only law firms rival this completely uninspired approach to naming. It's been said that self-promotion is one Metropolitan Stevedore Company Long Beach the hardest things for any agency to do and do well, and that is clearly evidenced by the bland and banal name choices being made.

This is modified to become a laundry list of partners as they join the company, or are promoted. These are the big-name ad agencies with blue-chip clients. Still awake? To anyone other than shareholders in these firms, the names are about as memorable and exciting as a cold bowl of porridge. With one exception Engine GroupIt's just a laundry list of boring acronyms, dull suffixes and blatant attempts to raise the egos of the founders. An agency as creative as Bartle Bogle Hegartyfor instance, may not get very far today with such an average and forgettable moniker.

In fact, for an agency that used to Zenith Insurance Company Claims Phone Number "words are a barrier to communication" as its screensaver, it sure did put a lot of them in the company name. Something that illustrated the creative Marketing Advertising Company Names of the agency, which is very creative.

But it seems to have been the case, in the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties, for agencies to go with the standard "names above the door" approach. This is a Marketing Advertising Company Names example of ego trumping the greater good. In any situation where names make up the title of an agency or business, it's inevitable that someone will leave and someone else will join, or get promoted.

And modern agencies know this all too well. Solid, memorable and creative agency names that currently populate the industry include:. The difference between the two lists is night and day. Take Blammo Worldwide as a prime example. They clearly have a sense of humor, an easy-going approach, but also relate that they'll have an impact. Imagine if they had instead gone with the surnames of the four major players in the agency — McNab, Gee, Simon, and Emslie. Perhaps in their day, clients wanted a sense of structure and a solid foundation from their ad agencies, and so "name soup" was a good choice to attract clientele.

These days, it seems that the new kids on the block are looking at things a little differently. Sure, they're not in the top 25, and probably never will be considering the considerable size, history, and billings of their much higher paid competitors. But with agencies like Mother and Taxi making big waves, they should not be surprised to see themselves nipping at the heels of the big boys. So, in the interests of keeping this industry fresh and "proving it rather than saying it," here's a challenge to 24 of those 25 top agencies — rename yourself.

It doesn't have to take a long time, or even mean anything. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. Media Branding. By Marketing Advertising Company Names Suggett. And here is a list of other agencies that make big money, year after year:. Would that even have garnered a second look? Continue Reading.

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