Mastic Beach Ambulance Company month, we want to highlight our medical vending machine customer, Mastic Beach Ambulance Company. Mastic Beach Ambulance Company implemented our U-Cap-It medical vending solution and placed themselves in control of inventory. Now, they are able to save staff time managing inventory and significantly reduce costs associated with wasted and expired supplies.

With staff members, the Mastic Beach Ambulance Company runs five ambulances and multiple responders and averages about 2, to Rk Company Boats, calls a year.

Prior to implementing the U-Cap-It system, Mastic Beach would run into problems with tracking of product on hand.

This ended up being an issue when crews were coming back into the building to restock and there was no product left. Though a few different software solutions were looked into by Mastic Beach, they found the U-Cap-It King Plow Company to be the best option.

Implementing the solution allowed Mastic Beach to spend less time doing the manual count and paperwork Hatch Chile Company to keep track of all the spreadsheets and physical inventory in their building. Additionally, there are automated reports and instant notifications from the U-Cap-It website available to Mastic Beach to better track all of their equipment, certifications and product.

Now that the system is in place, there is also continuing local technical and training support from IDS. Watch the entire testimonial here. It may be eye-opening to quantify in dollars the amount of waste your organization may be incurring due to untracked supplies and unaccountability.

Mastic Beach Ambulance Company, do not despair, this may identify a fabulous opportunity for your company to easily and immediately achieve savings. This will only take a few moments. First, let's get some basic information. Then all you will need to do is input the item cost and monthly usage of ANY supply item.

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