The miscalculation has proved costly. That's OK, though. Wall Street bankers will get another chance. Many chances, actually. Beyond Meat is just the first of a wave of animal-free protein developers that are likely to splash onto public markets through IPOs and acquisitions.

Meatkess burger by any other name would taste as awesome, right? Probably, but discussion of Beyond Meat and its competitors gets messy quickly. From "fake meat" to "meatless meat," "plant-based" to "vegan," investors and curious onlookers will have to wade through a number of awful and inaccurate descriptions.

Sometimes it's Johnson Gas Appliance Company journalists without technical backgrounds covering technical subjects.

Other times it's just that marketing teams are still figuring out how best to describe products to Meatless Meat Company Ipo in the early days of the field. In the long run, it won't matter if products are manufactured from genetically engineered microbes or considered "lab CCompany only that they deliver on ideals avoiding industrial livestock productiontaste indistinguishable from animal-derived meatand cost.

The entire technology Compant of the first vegan IPO was that it delivered a non-animal protein source. That's also what connects Beyond Meat to the companies that are destined to follow in its footsteps to mass-market products -- and even the public markets.

Beyond Meat's successful market debut has catalyzed interest in animal-free protein sources from established food and restaurant chains. Compsny that diverse list suggests, non-animal protein sources aren't confined to replacing animal-derived burgers.

Consider a sample of the companies and animal-free protein products being developed and market-tested. That table is in no way an exhaustive list of the animal-free protein start-ups that exist, of which there are dozens, but it goes to show the diversity of the market opportunity. Not every company will succeed or make it to the public markets, but some will, while others will be acquired by established food companies.

Beyond Meat may have paved the way for animal-free protein on Wall Street, but it certainly will not be the only investing opportunity in animal-free protein products. That realization might chip away at the company's premium market valuation over the remainder of After all, the stock trades at an astonishing 50 times sales.

Investors would be better off waiting for a better entry point -- or even the next animal-free protein developer to make a splash. May 26, at PM. Author Bio Maxx has been a contributor to Fool.

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