Green was a professional dancer for 13 years. It was February 15,and Green was dancing the final Melt Chocolate Company Winnipeg in the title role of Romeo and Juliet with fellow principal dancer Liang Xing when an accumulation of injuries, starting with a tweak in her knee, resulted in a career-ending hip injury. Green knew that once her dance career was over, that she would still want to work at something Uruguay Company Registry Search, something hands-on.

Her first thought was making jewelry, but she soon recognized that she had always been dabbling in chocolate, something she had learned the basics of while working with her mom who once had a small chocolate business in Edmonton, primarily making barks. Even while she was a professional dancer, Green was known around the Ballet School for making chocolates, but she never really took it seriously.

So, they asked her to make a box for the silent auction. A nice lady bought it… and that sparked an interest again. Green and Nipp Del Mar Seafood Company Melt Chocolate Company in Decemberselling at local markets while gaining a following for their unique flavours and cool designs — which I would label as a sort of space-age graffiti.

Close up! The latest step Green has taken is to develop her own signature chocolate base, which will now be used in the majority of her bon bons. The chocolate they made — which Green has labeled Enso the sacred Zen Buddhist circle symbol — uses a blend of beans from Saint-Domingue, Ecuador and Peru, and is Green also made a milk chocolate that is 46 per cent cacao, that she will start utilizing this year too.

Everything is produced by hand by Green out of Melt Chocolate Company Winnipeg sq. Other popular numbers include the hibiscus rose bon bons infused with cream Melt Chocolate Company Winnipeg, and the peanut butter Melt Chocolate Company Winnipeg bon bons, which catch people off guard as they seem like such an out-there flavour combination. Goodbye, lunch bag! Our Spring Break family food guide is here March 3. It's FREE!

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