This year, Record Store Day is April There are so many great records at so many different price ranges. The other thing: Buy records for the music. I want them to listen to it and listen to it a lot. I order multiples of everything.

The website has lots of info, and it shows how many copies are made. And we understand that not everyone Mills Record Company Kansas City Mo there for the new releases. Record Store Day is about supporting vinyl culture. There is a place that you can go to, and someone there is going to tell you about music, and they can recommend new music that you like. Mills Record Company Kansas City Mo opens at 7 am on Saturday, April 13, with coffee and doughnuts.

Magazine Newsletters. We chatted with Virginia Hayward Hamper Company Mills about the growth of vinyl culture. April 12, Natalie Gallagher. Show Caption Hide Caption.

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Live Tonight Mills Record Company

Mills Record Company is kicking off April right. April is known as both the home of Record Store Day and National Poetry Month. This month, Mills Record Company is also going to make it the month of the most amazing shows. During the first full weekend, the store will host: Heidi Gluck and The Pony Show, […]…