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Today we are going to talk about binding your quilt start to finish, even ending it. You can see I have the raw edge here. So I slide a fabric in under the edge here, I will move this over here so we can see it from the top camera, and Missouri Star Quilt Company Binding Tutorial can see how the different fabrics are going to look on this edge. And sometimes you are just going to want to go with the same fabric because you just want it to blend and go, and sometimes you want a little bit of contrast.

But today we are going to go with the dark green. So I have some here that are already cut, and once I get my strips cut what I do is I head over to the iron and I iron them in Boeing Company Seattle. And I iron them before I sew them. So this eliminates that problem because every time I put them together, I put them together so they just work, and I know that my seams are going the right direction and it saves me some picking time.

Let me see if I can get this open here. My strips again are 2 and a half inches and then I head Missouri Star Quilt Company Binding Tutorial to the sewing machine and I sew them together.

If you straight sew your pieces together like this you have this fat little seam line that just pokes out. So what we want to do is put them together like a plus sign and sew them diagonally from corner to corner. So lets head to the sewing machine. I put my first one in and I just lay it across the top of my sewing machine. So then I am going to go straight across here, and you can see it right there. I just went corner to corner and if I were to add another strip on here, rather than cutting it, I would just take my strip and again just open it up on here and make my plus sign and sew it again.

I have loads of those tiny pieces. The bulk is put over the seam instead of right at the front. So lets go back over to the sewing machine.

Now when I get to the end, this is something I really want to show you, I stop one quarter of an inch from the end. So you get a little V like this right here. And you just come off the edge.

When you sew off the end like that it just makes it lay so nice. And this is the big important part that I want to show you. Some people do it 2 and a quarter, just all different ways. But mine is always 2 and a half because I like that extra room when I pull it around I like to be able to have a little bit of extra room. But here is what she told me, when I found this out I was just so glad.

So mine is overlapped 2 and a half and you can get a little ruler and measure it. It takes a little bravery to clip it right there. So we are going to lay them together like this. I like to leave a little bit sticking out there. Then you go ahead and give it the cut. And then before you cut it off you Life Insurance Company In Malaysia it.

So lets check it and see how I did. So then again I am going to come over here and show you so you can catch this on the cameras good. Nobody knows where you started or ended, and the mystery of the binding has been finished.

We have completely fixed that. And I just stitch over the top and the binding is on with the sewing machine. So now all that is left to do is pull that around to the back. Because you sewed it on with the sewing machine right here this gives you a guide to put your binding on.

So when you sew Missouri Star Quilt Company Binding Tutorial your binding on the top you want to match your thread to the color of the binding, not the backing but to the color of the binding. I love the needle threader. So when I do a knot, let me show you how I do my knot here cause sometimes people get confused by that. This way first is I just hold my thread with my thumb across my finger so it makes an X. Then I just roll it off and pull it down like that.

And so my Missouri Star Quilt Company Binding Tutorial is going to be hidden on the back and then I fold this down. I use my stitch line as the guide. I used to bind every quilt that came through Missouri Star Quilt Company, now I have two binding fairies that do it for me.

It just got to be too much for me and those women are way better binders than I am and I thought I was pretty good. So I go between an eighth and a quarter of an inch somewhere in between those two and it just lays down Personal Insurance Company Calgary nice and is so pretty.

Then you can see my binding is kind of folded over here. Then I just hold it, now there are all kinds of things out there. You know the little clamps, but I just do it with my hands. And some people bind with the fabric going this way you know they sew along this way.

But I am left handed so I am going to go the other direction but you just have to get comfortable with it. If it feels odd to you you probably just need to turn it and it will feel normal, because this sewing along should feel normal to Ritz Carlton Management Company. So just move your quilt Missouri Star Quilt Company Binding Tutorial until it gets in a normal spot.

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