This 6. Simple and elegant, these pieces can work with the other colors of the collection or in one color group. The Japanese Tea Ceremony is not just about drinking tea. From the Miya Company atmosphere and the carefully choreographed rituals to the beautifully presented sweets and the textures of the tea. It is an all-encompassing experience for the mind, body and spirit. This small bowl is perfect to hold your spices, some candy or even as a sake cup. This 9. Leave it on the table as a centerpiece!

Pretty, Miya Company dots perfectly placed next to the dark brown matte finish. Wee House Company Scotland dish is perfect as a soap dish or for your favorite snacks at tea time. This rice bowl is perfect for snacks, soup, nuts and of course, rice! Coordinating dish and sauce bowl also avaialble. Made in Japan. Free Curbside or In-Store Pickup.

Home Matches. Earrings Rings Bracelet Necklace Pins. Add to cart. Out of stock. Matcha Bowl 4. Tokusa Blue Ramen Bowl This 6.

Large Leaf Plate This 6. Ceramic Sauce Bowl 3. Kasa White 6. Kasa Black 6. Kasa Black 4. Kasa White 9. Kasa Black 9. Ceramic Oval Dish 5. Ceramic Rice Bowl 5. Kasa White 4. Sign up for our newsletter Subscribe. Follow us!

Miya Company Wayfair

Miya Inc. is the premier importer and wholesaler of Japanese tableware and gifts on the East Coast. After many years of people asking Miya Inc. how they can get their products, Miya Inc. opened their online ecommerce site for sales directly to the consumer.…