Muang Thai Life Assurance Co. The first headquarter of the Company was located on Suapa Road, Bangkok. Chulind Lamsam, the Mortgage Insurance Company Thailand Director of the Company, at the time, along with his business associates and high ranking officers in the government sector joined forces to found Muang Thai Life Assurance Co.

Besides, the Company served as a long-term savings avenue and created financial security for the people in an effort to develop economic, trade and industrial sectors of the country.

From its dedication to achieve quality, the Company Thaiiland gained higher level of trust and confidence from the general public. Thus, the Company needed to expand its businesses and had constructed its second headquarter on New Road. This building was recorded in the architectural history of Ratanakosin era as a result of the adoption of Post-tension technique, a Thailanf building construction suspended by sling, which was considered the first of its kind at the time.

The company operates its businesses to serve the people of Thailand with commitment to the excellence in the customer services that fulfill the needs of customers and people. The Company has clearly demonstrated itself as the Company for forward thinking people. For example, the Company distributes its products through Kasikorn Bank and other financial institutions, leading brokers as well as strong commitment through telemarketing and direct response with a network of business alliances and other well established business counterparts.

When it comes to operating its business, the Company strictly adheres to professional ethics and the principle of corporate governance. This practice has been adopted as the main policy Ozeri Company Information the company all along.

Ethical practices, Mortggage management processes, and transparent auditing systems are being promoted and emphasized. The Company is actively responsible for policyholders, society, and environment. The product highlights benefits from investment in the form of yield, income allocation for retirement, family protections, education savings for children, and inheritance.

When it comes to operating its businesses, the Company strictly adheres to professional moral and ethical values and the principle of corporate governance. The development of sales agents and employees continues to be in focus. The Company always ensures that the modern, convenient and comfortable facilities are in place for the benefits of sales agents and employees.

The Company also has Muang Thai Life Assurance auditorium building, which can seat attendees, serving as the main artistic and Thailadn center of Bangkok. Meanwhile, the Company places great emphasis on customer services, which has high priority and is given serious consideration all along. Despite providing fast and convenient services associated with life insurance policy servicing, the Company Aaja Nachle Bollywood Dance Company organized customer relations activities to help strengthen the skills and knowledge, and the love and warmth in the family on a regular basis.

The Company also brings world-class performances to the customers every year, e. The Company has strengthened its customer relations activities to offer Mortgage Insurance Company Thailand of programs that cover the entire country in an effort to create good impression and foster long-term relationship between customers and the Company. Fromthe Company has organized many activities catering to cardholders of Muang Thai Smile Club to provide various additional benefits from becoming a card member.

The activities organized based on the lifestyle of the members. Muang Thai Smile Club has launched a new platform to reach its customers via Social Network, for example, Hi5, Facebook, and Twitter, where customers can receive update information of the Company East India Publishing Company participate in contests to win prizes.

Group 1 - Career Starter whose group is enjoying life and liberty, in charge of their own job and income, and socializing with friends and living the dream. Group 2 Mortgage Insurance Company Thailand Honeymooner whose group is seeking Mortgage Insurance Company Thailand life partner and sharing activities.

Group 4 - Achiever whose group is to enjoy Ineurance minute Mortgage Insurance Company Thailand life, have a moment of pride seeing family member succeeded, and have clear sense of purpose.

Group 5 - Late Boomer whose group is enjoying things one dreamed of doing after career is over and living quality retirement, all this thanks to financial and life insurance planning with Muang Thai Life Map. There are several awards given to the Company over the years that showcase the efficient, quality services and morality of the Company. Besides, the Company received numerous international awards, e. The Company has also received ISO certification.

In addition, the latest advertising Thailannd, titled Muang Thai Smile Club, have garnered local and international advertising accolades, for example, B. Superbrands Award From Superbrands International. Superbrands Award From Superbrands Thailand. ISO Standard Accreditation. Photipong Lamsam, Chairman, and Mr. Muang Thai Life Assurance. Excellence in services to the policyholders is very much in focus, and the result is the strength of the management team and financial position.

Other organizational Thai,and that is worth notice is corporate Inskrance that has become widely recognizable among the general public and the Thai life insurance market.

The company's proof of quality has been awards and accolades from various institutions whether domestic and aboard given to the company over the years. Those awards serve as Mortgaeg guarantee of our commitment and determination of Muang Thai Life Assurance to operate our life insurance business to the excellence. Mortgage Insurance Company Thailand of life insurance through multiple distribution channels, e.

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