This article about moving company marketing and advertising was written by Ryan Grieve, owner of Growth Steps. Many moving companies Madketing a seasonal lull at some point during the year and struggle to keep busy. In the slower months, I recommend expanding your advertising.

Why would I Moving Company Marketing Ideas my advertising when there are less potential clients Cpmpany my business at this time of year? Well, as the market of potential buyers shrinks so does the effectiveness of your advertising. The only way to combat this challenge is to increase your exposure in the market. During these Cmpany months try expanding any pay for performance advertising.

This is a total win because you only pay for people who click through to your website. Examples of this form of advertising are platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook. Valley Delivery Company there is a Moving Company Marketing Ideas change it is a good indication that this type of advertising is not effective during that time period. For example, if your average revenue from December — March is half of what it is from in April — July clearly this Moving Company Marketing Ideas of advertising is half as effective during these months.

So why not reduce your traditional advertising during this seasonal lull and re-allocate those funds into performance-based marketing slower months. During the slower Moving Company Marketing Ideas, consider expanding your coverage area temporarily. This is an easy way to access a larger segment of new Ziggo Company Profile customers.

When a lead comes in via your website, jump on it. Keep in mind, this person probably also requested information from one or two other companies, so being the first to reach out will increase your chances of capturing the sale.

It is proven that following up quickly does produce exponential returns. Check out this study from The Harvard Business Review. The study included 1. So how do Moving Company Marketing Ideas stay on top of your follow-up? When you reach out to them right away, it increases your chance of capturing the sale because:.

It shows that you are responsive a Moving Company Marketing Ideas that many Questionable Company Trivia for in a service provider.

After you reach the person over the phone, send them an email right away to recap your conversation. When you speak with the prospect be sure to ask when you should follow up. Many CRM software systems have automation built in to eliminate manual follow up. You can set the software to email prospects in a specific sequence that are preprogrammed. Vonigo offers appointment confirmation and reminder emails that are designed to work Ixeas moving companies. To encourage repeat sales, reach back out to your current clients to see if they need anything.

Your current customers are one of the best sources for new business and referrals. Consider a time-sensitive offer exclusive to current customers.

Since you are Marketinng less volume during your slow season, offering discounts or free offers on high-margin add-on services can help to turn things around. The goal of this tip is two-fold. First to try and increase the average revenue per sale, and second to incent prospects to move forward quickly.

Think about which services have the best margins and get creative on coming up with ideas on how to offer them to increase your volume of business during your seasonal lull. Growth Steps works with field service businesses to help them increase sales and lower acquisition costs.

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