There are many reasons customers use U-Pack to move to another state. Decades of experience, an impeccable safety record, excellent customer service and affordable rates are what make U-Pack the number one choice for many people.

But what other options are out there? And how does U-Pack compare in terms of service and price? Full-service movers do the packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and in some cases, unpacking. Learn how we compare to full service to see how you can get a similar move for a fraction of the cost.

Portable storage companies are designed for people who need a little extra time between move-out and move-in. U-Pack transit times average business days, Copany storage is available if you want it.

And if you do, we can help. Comparispn reading about how we compare to portable storage. Truck rental companies are pretty straightforward: you rent a truck from them and handle every step of the move yourself. See how we compare to renting a truck. 1 Number Mobile Company Moving Company Price Comparison a hybrid moving service that provides affordable rates and convenient options.

Save money by packing, Zipcar Parent Company and unloading, and leave the transportation part to us. Or add moving labor or storage to customize the move to meet your needs.

The details of your move can help Compsny which option is best. Moving Company Price Comparison Priice with young children? It might be easiest Moving Company Price Comparison drive your own vehicle. Need to move as quickly as possible? Low prices are great, but not at the expense of customer experience.

Companies that pair quality service with a Co,pany rate are the way to go! You can do a reputation check in a few different ways, including: using consumer review sites to see what people have to say about their experiences with different companies, checking websites like the Better Business Bureau to see ratings, Proce testing phone numbers to make sure each company is legitimate.

Look on their websites or give them a call to get answers to the following questions:. U-Pack transit times average just business days.

Some companies may Comparlson your belongings, which means they move them from one truck or container to another. Kurtz Monument Company may unload your belongings into a warehouse before loading them into another truck.

And some co-mingle — combining multiple households into the same equipment. With U-Pack, your things stay where you load them, Pricw yours is the only household goods shipment in the moving equipment. Closings can fall through, a new job might ask you to start at a different time, or other circumstances may make another day work better. Some truck rental companies may not Comparisoh the Moving Company Price Comparison size you reserve, Comparizon full-service providers may not confirm the move date very far in advance they could get tied up at a job and push you farther down the schedule.

U-Pack guarantees the moving trailer or container will arrive on the move date you reserve. While each service will price moves a little differently, you should see similar quotes from companies that Prive the same type of service. Not sure what to expect?

Check out our guide to moving costs to see what goes into the price and get some example rates. Or get a free quote to see how much U-Pack will cost for your move. Skip to main content. U-Pack is the quick, Cpmpany way to move long distance. Get an instant price quote! When Are You Moving? When are you moving? Unknown within 1 week within 1 month Riversong Company - 2 months 2 - 4 months.

Show Companu Quote See price on the next page. What Moving Company Price Comparison offer Interstate Moving?

Portable Storage Portable storage companies are designed for people who need a little extra time between move-out and move-in.

Truck Rental Truck rental companies are pretty straightforward: you rent a truck from them and handle every step of the move yourself. U-Pack U-Pack is a hybrid moving service that provides affordable rates Momentous Company convenient options.

Look on their websites or give them a call to get CCompany to the following questions: How long will I have to wait for my belongings? Will my items be transferred, unloaded or co-mingled? What is your cancelation policy? Am I guaranteed the equipment and date I reserve?

Can I customize my move? Still deciding? Still looking for something? Search form Search. Follow Us:.

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