Welcome Guest! Need help? Got a question? Inherit some stamps? Our stamp forum is completely free! Register Now! I have been trying to sell my collection for Mystic Stamp Company Reviews while and I stumbled on these people--I have heard of them.

I went through a similar experience a few years back. It has been a hard last couple of years selling stamps. He only sells for top Dollar. Quote: this included a US 1. Now don't take this as an insult and I'm not defending Mystic, I wouldn't do business with them either, but let's be honest, you can't expect retail prices selling to a retail store.

They have to turn around and sell the collection to someone else and still make a profit. That's how business works. They are the ones taking all the risk. If you want a better price, go sell it to an end-buyer, Mystic Stamp Company Reviews to a middleman. That kind of thing drives me crazy on shows like Pawn Stars where people walk in and want top retail dollar when selling to a pawn shop.

It's like Quote: That kind of thing drives me Mystic Stamp Company Reviews on shows like Pawn Stars where people walk in and want top retail dollar when selling to a pawn shop.

I made out all the paperwork, so I would see what trade in value people got, and what it sold for either at auction or as a used car on the lot.

When someone in business buys something Navayuga Engineering Company Hyderabad resale, they can't pay resale up front. They won't make a profit because no one will pay average retail PLUS markup. BUT, look at the prices those businesses are reselling at. Some people try to sell stuff for WAY too much. Sometimes, as with cars, they had to pay a bit too much for the item up front.

In order to at least break even, they have to jack up the resale price. If Mystic offers silly-low prices for stamps, then resells them at high prices which I remember Kokomo Towing Company having years agothen someone is making a bit too much profit. There are a few TV shows out there that follow various people buying and selling things like antiques, and I just Mystic Stamp Company Reviews watch them.

Half of the time, the buyer has NO clue what they are buying, and they think they know the market for it. When I can say "uh, no way When in a hobby, unless you buy new things at close-to-retail prices, it really helps to at least try to pay some attention to sale prices and values.

Mystic Stamp Company Reviews my 2-cents Quote: then someone is making a bit too much profit. But you know that your collection, unless all very high-end items, are not worth what Scott says they are.

Have you tried offering only what Mystic doesn't have in stock? What they're currently sold out of? Not many holes in their catalog but some. Mystic can pick up the phone to dealers around the globe and get anything they want in 20 minutes. They are Mystic Stamp Company Reviews. Terence Collins. Hi Max Power, SG would probably offer you less than Mystic did, and these are the guys touting stamp collecting as an investment vehicle. View Last New Topics.

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Save Password. Forgot your Password? Send note to Staff. Quote: this included a US 1 Just got a catalog in the mail from Mystic the other day.

Mystic maybe a good source for stamp albums and certain supplies, but when it comes to stamps, I'd look elsewhere -- both in buying and selling! Actually I'm surprised at how much they actually pay for many of the items. Especially the young guy, when he takes over the shop they'll go broke in a month.

It is a TV show after all. There is no such thing as "too much profit". To participate in the forum you must log in or register.

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Jan 30, 2020 · Stamp Approval my eye. Obviously, someone at the Mystic Stamp Company has decided that force-shipping crap to unsuspecting customers is an easy way to make a sale. The Mystic Stamp Company is a ripoff. They need to change their practices if they intend to keep their reputation.…

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A look at Stamp Companies . ... Here are my thoughts and reviews of some of these companies. In no particular order. Mystic Stamp Company-This company is kind of who I started with now that I have returned to stamp collecting. I started with them for no particular reason other than I got a good deal on their United States Three Album set.…