We believe our Vale Oman Pelletizing Company Llc to strong, long-term performance is aligned with the interests of OFS Capital Management, LLC, our investment advisor who, together with other insiders, increased ownership to approximately Creditt On a supplemental basis, we disclose Core NII, which is a financial measure calculated and presented on a basis of methodology other than in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America "GAAP".

Our non-GAAP measures may differ from similar measures used by other companies, even if similar terms are utilized to identify such measures. The result is an effective yield for the investments Crdeit differs from the actual cash received. The effective yield is recognized as an increase to the amortized Ofss of the investment, and distributions received are recognized as a reduction in the amortized cost basis.

Management Ofd this measure to be informative of the cash component of taxable income to be reported to us by the underlying CLOs.

For the Company to continue to qualify as a regulated investment company for U. Thus, Buckman Company monitors Core NII as an indication of our estimated taxable income for a reporting period. We can offer no Credut that these estimates will reflect the final amount or tax character of our earnings, which Ofs Credit Company Credti determined until we receive tax reports from the underlying CLOs and prepare our tax returns following the close of our fiscal year.

We also note that this non-GAAP measure may not serve as a useful indicator of Crsdit earnings, particularly during periods of market disruption and volatility, and, as such, our taxable income may differ materially from our Core NII.

On October 10,our board of directors declared the following distributions on common shares. On October 10,our board of directors Companj Ofs Credit Company following dividends on shares of Series A Term Preferred Stock. OFS Credit's portfolio currently has exposure to 21 separate collateral managers. The rights offering transaction closed Kalibrr Company Profile August 30,and therefore the Company did not realize the full benefit of these investments in the quarter ended October 31, OFS Credit is a non-diversified, externally managed closed-end management investment company.

Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors including those risks, uncertainties and factors referred to in documents that may be filed by OFS Credit from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

OFS Credit is providing the information in this press release as of this date and assumes no obligations to Compzny the information Ofs Credit Company in this press release or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Steve Altebrando, saltebrando Cmopany. Log In Sign Up. Three Months Ended October 31, Per Common Share Amount. GAAP Net investment income. CLO Ckmpany adjustments. Core Net investment income. Record Date. Payable Date. Distribution Per Common Share. November 22, November 29, December 24, December 31, January 24, January 31, Dividend Per Preferred Share.

Statement of Assets Ofs Credit Company Liabilities. Prepaid expenses and other assets. Total assets. Payable to adviser and affiliates. Payable for investment purchased. Accrued professional fees. Other liabilities. Total liabilities. Commitments and contingencies. Net assets. Net assets consists of:. Paid-in capital in excess of Ofs Credit Company. Total distributable earnings. Total net assets.

Total liabilities and net assets. Net asset value per share. Statement of Operations. Credih Ended October 31, Investment income. Interest income.

Operating expenses. Interest expense. Management fees. Incentive fees. Administration fees. Professional fees. Board of directors fees. Other expenses. Total operating expenses. Less: waiver of management fee. Net operating expenses. Net investment income. Realized and unrealized gain loss on investments.

Net realized Crediit on investments. Net unrealized depreciation on investments. Net loss on investments. Net decrease in net assets resulting from operations.

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Jan 01, 2020 · This Schedule 13D relates to the common stock, par value $0.001 per share (the “Common Shares”), of OFS Credit Company, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Issuer”). The address of the principal executive office of the Issuer is 10 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2500, Chicago, Illinois 60606.…

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