IoT Platform enables rapid development of new services and business model transformation. Optex is known Home Repair Company Clarksville Tn for its far-infrared sensors used in automatic doors and its extensive range of measuring devices. In addition to manufacturing and selling hardware, it has developed a new business model for meeting customer needs. This service is already in use in Asia where it is playing an important role in overcoming environmental Comany.

Using the IoT platform for intelligent processing of massive amounts of data is an essential factor in the continuous growth of our business. Headquartered Optex Company Japan, Optex Co. Optex has a worldwide reputation for designing, manufacturing and selling Comoany range of reliable sensors.

One of its core areas of expertise is in infrared sensors for automatic and security doors. Inthe company began promoting its Optxe concept known as the Internet of Sensing Solution IoS. Optex can extract valuable information, it calls 'smart data', through mining its vast stores of sensor-based data. The company aims to expand business by providing high-value-added services leveraging such smart data via the Internet.

As an extension of the IoS concept, Optex has developed a new business model to meet customer needs, beyond simply manufacturing and selling hardware. According to Akihiko Nakamura, Director, Development Center, Strategy Unit at Optex, "To secure sufficient growth of our business, we cannot rely solely on our conventional business model.

Asia is a region where environmental problems are emerging in the wake of rapid industrialization. However, this process takes costs and time because a large Opte of samples need to be shipped.

It is also costly to transmit data over telephone lines. To overcome these challenges, Optex developed a method that uses smartphones to collect measurement data Cokpany testing equipment and upload it Conpany to the cloud. For details please see page 32, Book2. Optex Co. IoT Platform enables rapid development of new services and business model transformation Optex is known globally for its far-infrared sensors used in automatic doors and its extensive range of measuring devices.

New business model shifts the company from 'a manufacturer' to 'a service provider'. Lowering and Simplifying Costs through Cloud Service []. Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. Driving ecosystem-based businesses harnessing Fintech to attract younger customers [] Sberbank Transforming the school canteen experience helps increase security and safety [] Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

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