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Email this Business. Need to file a complaint? BBB is here to help. File a Complaint. Customer Complaints Summary. Sort By. Status: Answered. I need the refund of the parcel I returned to Owtel Store. I was told that If I am not happy with the product, they will refund my money. I was not able to follow up, because our family are busy preparing for our one month vacation in the Philippines to attend our family reunion. We left on Dec 10, and we came back on Jan 7, Upon arrival at home we check all our bills, and I found out that they are continually charging my credit card.

So, I call Owtel Storetold that I have return the parcel to the address above, I even cancelled my credit card so that they cannot take money from me. They said they have not received it. I did not hear anything or call from them. So, I assumed my refund will follows According to their investigation it show upafter I send Eaton Company Headquarters package on the 21 Novthe receiver got the package on the 25 Nov pm on their time.

Now they threatening me that will take this to the credit bureau for not paying the balance. I find it I am a victim here, I got all the proof and information. Owtel Response. Please be informed that up to this very day, we have not received the units which were purchased last November that the customer claims to have returned.

The tracking number is not sufficient proof that the units have been received on our end as there was no valid signature to show that it was properly handed over to our company. We have not heard back from the customer for several months despite our efforts to help resolve the matter.

Thus, this issue was automatically marked as resolved. Today, we received a letter from your kind office about customer's complaint. We believe that we have exhausted all efforts to help assist the customer. We also believe that it was his responsibility to ensure that the items are safely returned as these were goods of high value which unfortunately he has Grimes Motor Company. Our offer still stands, despite this issue being dragged nearly over a year, that we are willing to refund if the item can be returned to us in good condition.

Our business hours are from Newark Moving Company to 6PM. Thank you! Labyrinth Brewing Company, Customer Service. Customer Response. It was too obvious they waited this long, tracing would be very difficult. They knew it was a regular mailing package, of course Jersild Knitting Company can deny!

I should not be liable to pay all the cost. In this situation I am the victim! It was a very bad experience dealing with these people. They have done a lot of harm to us! We deserve to live at peace! I was hoping they will stop harassing and threatening us. We had gone as far as allowing the cancellation even beyond the trial period of 30 days from purchase date.

His account has been cleared and he doesn't have any outstanding balance to settle. Status: Resolved. I even said I don't like but he said it's only ur chance to avail it now.

I had a big arguments with their customer service. They should pay d damaged they did. We have investigated your complaint and it was found valid. Disciplinary action was already implemented to the concerned agents for violation of company policy.

Your number is already Owtel Company to Do Not Call status. You will no longer receive promotional calls from us. Your cancellation request was granted approval way back August. We will expedite processing of your credit back once we received the units. If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to call us at 1 I even talked to one of their agent who resigned already because he cant swallow what the company is doing scamming and fooling people.

Not only to me but to too many people. They don't care even bothering people in the middle of the night or working. They kept calling metheir Blacklisted Company In Malaysia department from British Columbia like 3 to 5 times a day. They should trust their customer after Company Housing Allowance they are the one who made this problem.

They knew whats going on but they allowing it coz its their procedure. Have even the guts to say why not just pay it all so it will all done! They only care for money. I am not rich not just picking money here in Canada leaving my kids away just to give my money to them without authority.

Returning their items is not an assurance that they will refund Owtel Company bcoz they have their own condition which I'm worried that they will just gonna get the items and no refund saying the items have this prob already and this and that. Remember the items are used already for 6 months and its not as durable and as good as what they said. ANd some they returned after a year or 8 months.

They dont care, all they care is to get money from their customer. Do they have heart also to think what will be the feeling of those kids of mine who has the mobiles now? How about the interest on my credit card? How about the feeling and trauma and stress that I am having now after knowing Ive been fooled and robbed?

They don't even give their right address and proper website. They can have my money and I can have their mobiles thats the end of it or refund my money first then I will return their items.

I dont know how they can sleep with what they are doing. Its not only me but too many people they fooled with the same or similar issue. Making money out from fooling others and threatening them customers and their previous employers and firing their staff is not acceptable nor can solve any issue. OWTEL just want to rinse and cleanse their hands.

Sorry for this but what they did to me is not really acceptable. Thank you Sorry but I am just being honest and frank of what I feel based from my experienced from them and from what other customers had said and what I read in their reviews of the company.

When trust is broken, it can be repair but cant be healed the scar is still there. OWTEL company the damaged you had done to me is not as easy as you think.

It's like a crime and you know that. I know you will stand on your protocol or what you were asking from me or to all the customers you fooled or else your transactions will not grow, but you know being honest and true to Robinson Brick Company Website is the best way to gain trust, respect and customers.

Me and the company will just keep saying the same thing coz they will stand on Owtel Company they want and their conditions, but please thsi Astor Company hear your customers, hear me. Sorry but you broke my respect and trust, for the damaged you had done to me and Bcsg Company Profile others.

I dont want to be harassed and fooled and I dont want any problem coz I want a peaceful life as an ordinary citizen. Thank you. Client's number has already been set to Do Not Call status. Client may rest assure that her standing on the Credit Bureau will not be affected by the concern she had and she no longer has an outstanding balance on her account. I called their customer service line right away but they had a technical problem that is why I never got the chance to speak with any of them.

I called them today, June I asked the agent if she can provide me Owtel Company the date and phone no.

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Owtel Issues: This is furnished to assist others that have no response from OWTEL. You have to understand the Credit Card Collection Act. If you contacted this company and they promised you your money back, well the icebergs in hell will melt first. The law say... Read More »1.9/5(52)…

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Nov 11, 2008 · This company should crumble to damn pieces!!! Owtel, please when someone request you to stop calling and take our number from your call list, please do. We do not appreciate you calling at 9pm asking for referrals and offers for example purchasing a tablet. So far you have managed to wake up our baby not once but multiple times.1/5(15)…