Please check back frequently to see what we have to offer Many individuals out there are having a real issue with how tightly the breast collar should be fastened Tom and Charon Caldwell have been building saddles for over 20 years.

They have owned reining and cutting horses for 25 years. Our products are divided into several areas of interest. Because they must be tailored to the intended usage, saddles, bits, and stirrups are treated separately from tack and personal items.

Xxl Company addition, there's an area where factual information is provided regarding equipment fit, materials and hardware considerations and other areas of interest and concern to the rider. As well as custom saddles and custom headstalls and breast collars, we carry over one hundred pairs of spurs and over three hundred bits.

We also have custom bit and spur makers who can make anything that you might require. Several hundred quality repairs, restorations, and replications are constantly completed in our Korea Shipping Company each year. We are trained in the Sheridan style of tooling and can duplicate any tooling you like for your new chaps, spur straps, bridles, or breast collars to match your existing saddles of any type.

This web site is designed to help you get to know us, as well as to find what you need, along with the DVD we now offer to show a lot of what this site discusses. We do recommend that you study this site and view our DVD so we can be on the same page when you call to discuss fit, requirements, or Nancy Lopez Golf Company to find out what is currently new in training gear and how to use it.

We also can suggest the correct bit for your problem horse. If you don't see what you want, call or e-mail us We are now offering Don Orrell Stirrups for our saddles! They are American-made, premium handcrafted, and beautiful! We consider certain aspects of these saddles dangerous or potentially unsafe. We have chosen not to re-sell these for the safety of our customers and do not wish to be held liable for an injury.

Regarding our order dates. Though our company tries to give a finished date for your custom saddle order, these dates can vary due to numerous events Abb Company Name causes. This saddle is in no way affiliated with our company or our product.

This is not a real Caldwell and does not meet our standards for quality and horse fit. Education, experience, training, and a dedication to excellence. Tom Caldwell's background A graduate in engineering and design at Georgia Tech, Tom's first career took him into the upper management levels of several large corporations not associated with riding or saddlery. His affection for the art and sport of horsemanship brought his first career change; he became a sales representative for several large saddle companies.

My father told me "The best job in the world is one that you enjoy so much you'd do it for nothing, then learn to do it so well that people will pay you to do it. Being on both sides of the fence owner, The Shoe Company Saint John Nb vs Pbs Saddle Companywe have developed a skill for knowing what makes equipment work and what doesn't.

Charon is so good at it that she even gives seminars on saddles and tack throughout the South. Because we do not build with an assembly line, we only produce a little over a hundred saddles a year and it Pbs Saddle Company takes several months before we are able to deliver a custom saddle. Although we continue to build custom bridles and breast collars as part of the complete saddle Schnee Dust Company, Charon designs and arranges for the production of many of the tack items which we offer.

Charon has ridden since she was four years old, and Nik Company been an artist specializing in equine and wildlife subjects since her childhood. As an adult, she gained some reknown as a trainer of "problem horses". Her experience as a horsewoman, her training as an engineer, her artist's eye for detail, and her experiences with the "problem horses" combine to give her great insight into the proper design, fit, and function of the equipment associated with riding.

Today, Charon is an experienced saddle maker and leather worker, skilled in the technical and artistic aspects of her trade. She is a recognized expert in saddle design and associated fields, and is a popular lecturer and instructor at seminars, workshops, and the like sponsored by organizations ranging from universities to local riding clubs.

Consequently, we stand behind everything we sell or recommend. We have searched this country to get the best prices on the right girth, the correct bit, not to mention the nicest harness leather training gear.

We have tried them all on our own horses. If they don't meet our demands, we won't use them. We won't ask you to put something on your horse that we wouldn't put on ours.

Search Our Inventory. Regarding our order dates Though our company tries to give a finished date for your custom saddle order, these dates can vary due to numerous events and causes. We cannot be held responsible for delays from our vendors. Delays can be caused by your due date falling in the same month as our large World Show events.

Also, delays can be caused by customers ahead of your order requiring lengthy and involved design or tooling. A note from Tom Howdy You may recognize the name "Caldwell," but if you don't, let Noodles And Company Nashville tell you about us Charon Caldwell's background Charon has ridden Yankee Candle Company Springfield Ma she was four years old, and has been an artist specializing in equine and wildlife subjects since her childhood.

A note from Charon Hello Tom and Charon Caldwell working with Billy Cook. Do you like what you see? Please share it:. Site by: Bulldog Internet Marketing.

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May 05, 2015 · PBS saddle I LOVE LOVE LOVE wade tree saddles and dream of getting one when my other 2 saddles sell. I found the above saddle on the local craigslist but have never heard of the brand so have no clue if it is a decent company or not.…

Pierce Bodine Saddlery Saddle 16" Tan - $795.00

BRAND NEWPierce Bodine Saddlery (PBS) Wade Tree Roping Saddle All Leather 16" Seat High 4-1/2" Cantle Gullet measures 7" from inside leather-to-leather Big Horn 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Double Rigging Square Skirt Fancy Silver Conchos Thick Fluffy Fleece Tooled Stirrups Quick-change Blevin Buckles Weighs approx. 27 lbs. Padded SeatColor:TanSize:16" "HorseLoverZ","Pierce Bodine Saddlery Saddle 16" ……