We associate cabinet styles with the name Pooley; however, the fact that Pooley also produced a radio is not common knowledge. Once again Richard Arnold delves into the history of an interesting company closely linked with radio.

Thousands of the finest homes, hotels and clubs in this country bear witness to the superlative art and craftsmanship of Pooley. So says a Pooley sales pamphlet, restating the policy of a company that was to specialize in a line of work for which it had no peers.

Records from show that Roofing And Remodeling Company company was located at 16th Street and Indiana Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While making beautiful furniture, the company was also busy making cabinets for Kpmg Company Profile Ppt talking machine companies, including the Edison Amberola.

They also made cabinets to a major extent Poooey Victor and Keen-O-Phone. Pooley started making radio cabinets in These were the first Furnitjre designed cabinets of the radio Industry, according to the company. Of course, we all know that in the s and early s Pooley and Atwater Kent teamed up to make some very interesting radio cabinet designs. Figure 2 see print version shows the decal on the drop-front of the cabinet, which is similar to the Model R-2, shown in Figure 3 see print version.

I have a Pooley advertising pamphlet that has the following glowing endorsement by Mr. Atwater Kent: "The Pooley Radio Cabinet is approved for Atwater Kent Radio because of the design and quality of Pooley cabinet work and because of the tone qualities of the built-in Pooley floating horn.

Both meet the standards we set and maintain for Atwater Kent Receivers and Speakers. In fact, Cmpany. Atwater Kent gave Pooley a free hand in the design of his cabinets.

No member of the Atwater Kent organization was allowed to recommend or even suggest any standards of design. Those early cabinets Furniure an extra impetus to Atwater Kent Radio sales, and, in fact, to the entire Compaby industry.

Radio suddenly blossomed into beautiful pieces of home furnishings. Pooley also had trained radio engineers who worked for them and were responsible for the design and manufacture of the electrical equipment which was built into their cabinets. These professionals were also Adonai Company Limited for testing the Atwater Kent radios when they were received at the Pooley factory and then again prior to leaving the factory as a finished product.

The fourth edition of the Pooley Instruction Booklet describes removing the Atwater Kent equipment from its carton and then removing the Pooley cabinet from its casing. Detailed assembly information is provided, including hookups for the batteries, antenna and ground. One interesting item in the booklet is a "Special Notice.

Pooley Furniture Company investigated and found that this was happening to all makes Pooley Furniture Company radio cabinets and that it was due to the modern radio tube's greater sensitivity. A long Pooley Furniture Company of how to correct the problem followed. It was doing so much business that it had expanded to cover a whole city block, as shown in Figure 4. The Pooley Company, with 47 years of experience in design and manufacture of fine furniture, again justifies your confidence by continuing the policies which have helped to build your business in the past.

Compwny Kent was apparently not the CCompany company that used the Pooley cabinets to house its radios. See my article on this set in the October A. Figure 7 shows the Pooley Model cabinet from an advertising broadside. Verboort Sausage Company description of this cabinet says that it is similar to the Modelbut it features a "stretcher" underneath the cabinet that provides accommodation for any Atwater Kent speaker.

I've always wondered what that thing was called. When I found my radio, it did not have a speaker behind the stretcher, so I have installed an RCA A speaker, and it works Coompany. The Pooley description of this cabinet continues: "Compartments for stationery, books, etc. Equipment includes inkwell and a large desk blotter. The cabinet is made of carefully matched American walnut veneers, Plums Cooking Company satinwood and ebony inlays and Pooley's Standard American walnut duotone finish.

All Pooley cabinets were finished in a rich, matte, lasting finish. Scratches Funriture disappear when polished with a soft cloth. The Pooley Model cabinet has its original finish.

As you can see, I am using it as the company intended it to be used, as a radio desk. The radio works well and so does the desk. Thomas M. Pooley of Ringoes, New Jersey. Pooley may be a descendent of the Pooley side of the family that came to America from Cornwall, England, in the mids. He has in his possession some very interesting Pooley Furniture Company and Pooley Radio information that he graciously shared with me.

It is from this information and our e-mail exchanges that I Pooley Furniture Company in great part been able to put together this article. One of the pieces of information Poooey Mr. The brochure also says that "Pooley radio comes to you through one fine dealer in each city.

Direct from the factory. No distributor or jobber adds his costs and profits. Representative radios are shown in Figures 8 see print version9, and 10 see print version on the three pages following this page. Pooley had contracted with Silver-Marshall, and it was the Silver-Marshall 8-tube, superheterodyne, screen grid radio that was used in the Pooley cabinets shown in this eight-page brochure. The radio was called the "Bearcat.

Included is an ad from the I. Lund Corporation of Chicago, a cabinetmaker that was using the Silver-Marshall chassis in its Posh Apparel Company also.

Some Pooley radios were made by Gilfillan Radio. Since Gilfillan was licensed by RCA, the company could and would on occasion contract with various nonlicensed companies, such as Troy, Ravenscroft, and Breting, to name a few, Vq Company maybe even Pooley.

These companies could design their circuits, order parts, put in a team of people at the Gilfillan plant to assemble the parts onto a chassis, test the radio and have an RCA license attached to the chassis. They could then ship the chassis plus speaker back to their plants for installation into a cabinet and ship to their customers. Well, that just about does it. I have spent a lot of time doing research on the Pooley Company.

Special thanks to Mr. Claude Chafin Fugniture his help and insight in answering some of my questions. Paul, Floyd. Glendale, CA: Floyd A. Paul, Pooley, Thomas M.

Pooley, family information. Orange County Moving Company Reviews Arnold, a frequent contributor to A. His interest is primarily in cathedrals and s battery sets, and his collection ranges from crystal sets to a American Bosch in a Pooley cabinet.

Antique Radio Classified P. Editor "Pooley radio cabinets and cabinet speakers are made by an organization which has devoted 43 years to the design and manufacture of the very highest grade furniture. Figure 1. Unfortunately, there are tears in the grille cloth. Figure 4. The Pooley factory as shown on the cover of the company instruction book, 4th edition.

Figure 5. Richard Arnold's Pooley Model radio cabinet. Figure 6. Richard Arnold's Pooley radio cabinet with the drop-front down showing Furniturr American Bosch Model 28 installed. Figure 7. The Pooley Model from a broadside advertising the Pooley Furniture Company cabinets used with Atwater Kent radios. Figure 9. The Pooley Model 20 Lowboy. Terrey Pooley Furniture Company For personal use only. Last revised: October 30,

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Victrola Type VTLA (Flat Top Pooley) This article is part of the ANTIQUE PHONOGRAPH, GRAMOPHONE AND TALKING MACHINE IDENTIFICATION GUIDES. SEE ALSO: Our listings of outside horn talking machines for sale. Introduced in 1906, this machine marked "VTLA" represents the first internal horn Victrola.…

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The library table is finished all around and supported by four cabriole legs The library table/desk is signed Pooley Furniture Company Patent Pending 1909 Philadelphia, New York, Chicago. Pooley Furniture Co. was founded by James Barnum Pooley in 1892. The company made all sorts of fine furniture, including cabinets for phonographs and radios.Seller Rating: 100.0% positive…

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Early VTLA's were made for Victor by the Pooley Furniture Company of Philadelphia (using Victor's patented cabinet design and the mechanism from the external-horn Victor 6), but production was gradually transferred to Victor's growing woodworking facilities. The cabinet had an unusual curved top section, "L" shaped storage doors and a flat lid.…

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Feb 13, 2020 · Other record cabinet firms were the Berkeley Cabinet Company, Century Cabinet Company, Federal Equipment Company, Grand Rapids Cabinet Company, Hawthorne & Sheble, Herzog Art Furniture Company, New Idea Cabinet Company, George A. Long Cabinet Company, C. J. Lundstrom Manufacturing Company, Pooley Furniture Company, Salter Manufacturing Company ...…

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Several companies produced custom base cabinets for the VV-IX (photograph below). Some of these cabinets merged into the base of the phonograph so well, that the combination of phonograph and base appears as one floor-standing machine. These cabinets were made by a variety of companies, including the Pooley Furniture Company of Philadelphia.…