Forgot your password? Register now and get access to your personal control panel. Provision of high quality services is at the top of the agenda of any form of senior management. Quality is used as a strategic weapon that companies use to compete within the current markets Heckl, et al.

When companies are able to produce goods and services of a high quality, they not only please the consumers but also put Erie Indemnity Company in a position where they achieve internal effectiveness and reduce their cost of operation. Using the techniques of total quality management, several companies in the UK service sector have been able to achieve success Yasin, et al.

The philosophy of total quality management began as a result of dramatic changes in the business environment. The philosophy itself began in the early eighties when the global economy experienced a recession similar to the recent one in Yasin, et al. Several companies experienced this changes which were characterized mainly by factors such as low cost of competition, globalization, rapid technology transfer, and increased consciousness of quality by Ultimate Living Company consumers.

The recession affecting several national economies as well as the global economy ; as a result development of policies on quality could easily be blocked Yasin, et al.

But, companies that consider quality of the product and services they give to consumers can use the idea as a way of being competitive in the market. It is hard for a company that intends to compete effectively to ignore the use of total quality management. Based on empirical evidence, the technique of total quality management has proven to have a significant effect on the general output or result of a company.

It is for this reason that business should not fail to ignore implementing policies of total quality management. Hence, total quality management can be defined as a means Ndt Ballet Company seeking excellence in all functions of business in order to prevent possibilities of errors or mistakes and to create optimal customer satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction is achieved when the output is free of errors and it is only through efficiency and effectiveness that defects can be prevented Heckl, et al. Depending on the whether a firm is one the service industry or the manufacturing industry, the techniques for total quality management will vary.

The manufacturing industry was the first to experience success in the application of total Gulf Coast Burger Company management techniques.

Because of this of this success, TQM techniques had to be made to fit into the service industry. The financial industry is in the service industry and supermarkets and financial investment firms belong to this industry Yasin, et al. In as much as its resources, time and system are used for cash and asset management, the supermarket has also devoted all its resource in management of its customers as well as its services Heckl, et al. In the old traditional retail systems, every product set up focuses mainly on the convenience of the supermarkets rather than the convenience of the customers.

However, it is a common this to also find that lack of a vice president whose responsibility focuses on customer relation management. For the rare cases where a supermarket can focus its resources on customer relationship management much priority is usually not given on CRM Yasin, et al. The customers usually hold the lifeline of any business irrespective of the sector it deals with. It does not matter whether the business is in the service industry of manufacturing industry.

Customers would always seek for quality in order to be satisfied. When it comes to the service industry, customers undoubtedly become sensitive to quality of service compared to the manufacturing industry Yasin, et al.

The reason is because of the fact that interaction between customers and the companies occurs with frontline representatives of the company Yasin, et al. This is because of its service and product quality. Tesco was started as a retail company in s and since then it has expanded and grown to become among the world largest companies in the retail industry.

Ever since it began, Tesco has continued to introduce new products and services to satisfy the needs of its customers. Currently it mainly deals with production and sales of food items, groceries, cloths, and electronics among other items. In addition the company also Quality Management Example Company in sales of houses, internet services, financial and insurance services.

The company has used the concept and philosophy of quality management to maintain its position as the leading supermarket in the UK.

It goes the extra length not to increase quality of its services but also to maintain the quality for customer continuous satisfaction. The company uses various strategies to achieve this goal of quality. The company dedicates a highly skilled human resource to maintain and improve the quality of services offered to its customers.

The staff discusses ways in which every business function can be integrated or adjusted to meet quality. The company has a quality improvement team that deals with ensuring maintenance of quality in all the goods the company sells in its stores as well the services it provides to its loyal customers.

In addition the quality improvement team is charged with the responsibility to identify ways of improving the quality of service to its customers every day. In addition to the dedication of human resource to customer service management, the company also has principles and policies used to govern quality assurance.

Secondly the policies also focus on prevention of defects in its products and errors during the process of customer service. The goods sold in Tesco stores must meet certain standards and this means that total quality management according to Tesco involves also the supply chain management. Suppliers of goods are not expected to deliver goods with defects which would cause the customers to raise complaints. The company also considers the quality management system of all its suppliers before getting into business with them.

Human resource management. The company has policies that ensure its team of workers is treated with the respect it deserves Improving quality in the products is achieved in several ways. Tesco as a company produces its own products.

Being a retain chain with stores online and in several other location in the UK, the company gets to sell products produced by other manufacturing companies. The company subjects all its products American Mattress Company Reviews testing in order to meet the required standard of quality.

Hygiene is maintained especially for production of goods that require cleanliness. Food products and pharmaceuticals are just but the example of products that require high sensitivity to cleanliness. Therefore, a part from employing skilled workforce, the company ensures that the people handling products that require high sensitivity to cleanliness maintain a certain level of hygiene to mitigate errors and complains.

Products sold at the stores have to have marks indicating the date of expiry. This includes both the products produced by the company and the products produced by other companies. As such, the company has found it highly possible to make sells of items such as groceries and meat fresh meat products.

Perishable goods are sold within the stores on a daily basis and replenished on a daily basis. The company also has a policy where once perishable goods such as groceries begin to show signs of defect, they are automatically removed from the shelves and donated to homes where Quick Cleaning Company can be used immediately. The team charged with the responsibility of quality control and assurance ensures that only products that meet the required standards are shelved.

Quality control is therefore majorly achieved through two main methods: inspections and testing Yasin, et al. It is a technique that is applied during the entire process of production.

It is applied before the finished product is produced and also after production Yasin, et al. The raw materials have to be subjected to standard testing. It cannot use raw materials that will not yield the expected quality. Therefore selection of materials to be used in production is an crucial aspect of quality that the company emphasizes on.

Speed is an notable emphasis in the company when it comes Kittanning Brick Company performance objective.

This implies the time taken for delivery of an item once the client places an order. Customers are highly valued and none of them is expected to wait longer than the required time for delivery Yasin, et al. The company simply tries to reduce cases of customer complaints by ensuring that they get value for their money Yasin, et al. A customer can get what he or she needs whenever they need it; and hence it is only through speedy delivery of products that this objective can be achieved.

Speed is used when handling customers. The store customer attendants are taught to be very prompt as they attend to customers. The company has noticed that customers can be Kokosing Construction Company by long queues especially when making payments Yasin, et al. This frustration can cause the customers to opt for other stores or supermarkets with shorter queues.

In response to this need, the company has ensured that delivery of service at the teller points is very fast and efficient so that customers do not have to waste their valuable time Yasin, et al. When speed is achieved in the operations of the company, then all the other departments will be impacted to incorporate speed Yasin, et al.

Communication of information is done with the same necessary speed for effectiveness. Speedy communication helps in proper record keeping. It helps throughout the entire process of Fev Germany Company chain management and inventory management. Quality in communication however is only achieved through proper IT system that integrates all the business functional units for smooth flow of information.

The company has an enterprise resource planning system that helps to improve the quality of internal and external communication in the company. The system enhances smooth and quick flow of communication throughout the process of supply chain management Yasin, et al. The human resource management affects quality of the products. HRM is one other area that the company stresses on when it comes to ensuring quality of service delivery. Customers have to be treated with value and esteem when they interact with the company Yasin, et al.

Human resource is valued since the company has realized the role human resource plays in ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of operations. The human resource team at Tesco has ensured that the best potential of every employee is produced.

The packages provided Young Chevrolet Company employees for their work is worth it since at the end of it all the employees are motivated to work for the best of the company.

The organizational culture created by the human resource team is one that is aligned to the strategic objectives of the company. Quality assurance is among the strategic objectives of the company Yasin, et al.

Tesco has low cost policies. This performance objective depends on the efficiency of the internal operations of Quality Management Example Company company Yasin, et al. When the company is able to be effective internally, then it implies that it uses less money in running its operations.

As a result the company will be in a better position to provide its customers with high quality goods and services at a reduced cost compared to its competitors Yasin, et al. Resources are usually wasted or spent unnecessarily when trying to repair products or correct errors made. The effectiveness has been reflected in the cost of its products. However, Tesco is among the few companies in the retail industry that has continued to experience increased revenues and profitability despite the effects of the recession.

With the low cost policy customers are still able to maintain their shopping volume Yasin, et al.

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