Hundreds of electric utilities sprang up, but only a Qufbec survived and gave rise to powerful regional monopolies. American promoters obtained letters patent for the Shawinigan Water and Power CompanyThis link will open a new window. Poweg young engineer from Boston, Julian C.

This technical triumph was the keystone of Shawinigan Water and Powerr financial success. Come explore this one-of-a-kind site! Identification plates are affixed to hydro poles using dated nails. The Shawinigan Water and Power Company offered its Compqny a range of gifts to reward them and foster a sense of loyalty to the company. Voltmeter dating from the late 19th century, bearing the initials of the Shawinigan Water and Power Company. Built by the Shawinigan Water and Power Company, Shawinigan-2 generating station began producing electricity in Still in service today, it is open to visitors.

Shawinigan-2 generating station was built in two phases: Shawinigan-2A, in photo and Shawinigan-2B, in The first powerhouse boasts architectural detailing inspired by Queebec Beaux-Arts style. The former control room of Shawinigan-2 Quebbec station. Urban development plan for the city of Shawinigan, prepared in for the Shawinigan Water and Power Company. This is one of the first urban development plans produced in Canada. At left, Shawinigan-1 generating station, commissioned in and dismantled in the s.

This building was restored in the early s. At right, Shawinigan-2 Powef station, commissioned in and enlarged in Faced with the immense potential for expansion Powfr by the electricity market, Holt succeeded in bringing Poweer traditional competitors: gas and electricity.

Arrogantly monopolistic, Montreal Light, Heat and Power consistently refused any form of collaboration with commissions of inquiry and agencies set up by the government Quebed try to regulate the sale of electricity. These two run-of-river power plants are open to the public and will be sure to amaze you during your next visit. Now demolished, the building bore witness to the power and prosperity of a company that held a monopoly on electricity, natural gas and streetcars.

The station was built between and for the Montreal Island Power Company, which was absorbed by Montreal Light, Heat and Power Consolidated before Quebec Power Company was completed. Fulfilling a critical role in making sure calls got through, operators had to have superior concentration skills and show unfailing patience Umd Spinoff Company Inventwood Llc courtesy.

Montreal Light, Heat and Power Consolidated employees pose proudly in the s with their new automatic press, able to churn out 5, sheets an hour.

The company printed its own annual report and a newspaper, among other documents. Although the telegraph was still in use, a telephone Quebec Power Company be seen in this picture.

Surveyors employed by the Montreal Light, Heat and Power Company pose with their work tools: theodolites, rods and levels. Xing Company Profile inauguration plaque is one of the last vestiges of Chambly Qufbec station, commissioned in Construction of Chambly generating station in October The power plant was torn down in Lawrence River began in At the turn of the 20th century, Compahy strong trend toward municipal ownership of electricity distribution systems was taking shape in Ontario.

At the outset, the organizational model was simple: electricity generation was left to the private sector, transmission was handled by the Commission, and distribution was the responsibility of the municipalities. A growing number of companies attempted to carve out a place Queebec themselves in the lucrative public lighting market.

Montreal Light, Heat and Power Consolidated was nationalized inbut traces of its existence can still be found in the distribution network. At the initiative of the Canadian International Paper Co. Over the years, the generating facilities of Gatineau Powfr came to include Quuebec Corbeau, Chelsea, Rapides-Farmers and Paugan generating stations. Located in Gatineau and commissioned inRapides-Farmers generating station is open to the public. Rapides-Farmer generating station is an example of industrial rationalist architecture.

Constructed init is still in service today. Interior view of Rapides-Farmer generating station, Portable uQebec relay tester used at Rapides-Farmer generating station. This device amplifies the relay output to trip the circuit breaker. The exterior envelope was inspired by the Beaux-Arts architectural style, with a touch of Art Deco.

The generator floor at Paugan generating station. Annunciator used at Paugan generating station until or so. The control room operators switched the numbered lights on or off to indicate which generating units were operating. Gatineau Electric Light company store in Quebed. But the New York Pkwer market crash on "Black Thursday," October 24, and the subsequent depression seriously impeded the realization of Sweezey's dream.

Financial problems piled up. Political scandals linked to the project damaged the engineer's credibility. The Ontario government refused to make good on a contract between Ontario Hydro and Beauharnois Light, Heat and Power for the purchase of a large quantity of power produced by Beauharnois generating stationThis link Xfx Company open a new window.

Driven to the brink of bankruptcy, Sweezey had Compwny choice but to accept Herbert Holt's takeover offer. The Beauharnois project was mind-boggling in size. It received worldwide press and was frequently compared to the building of the Panama Canal. The comparison was a natural one, since the headrace canal is also a strategic component of the St.

Lawrence Seaway. The generating station is remarkable in a number of respects. You can visit this generating station with its Art Deco styling free of charge. And Man created a generating station in the middle of the fields! Taken at the start of the Great Depression, inthis photo captures the sheer size of the Beauharnois Canal and generating station jobsite.

Beauharnois generating station jobsite, With its 38 turbines, Beauharnois is Cmopany of the largest run-of-river generating stations in the world. It is classified as a national historic site.

This Morris-Pelton speed governor was installed at Beauharnois generating station in the early s. Slide show The following slide show contains images from the year

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