The aim of this study is to identify the impact Questionnaire Of Advertising For A Company mobile advertisments on consumer buying Cokpany. Please note that all your answers will be confidential Adveertising will be used ONLY for the analysis purpose of the researcher's thesis without any reference to the identity of the interviewee. Accordingly, the researcher is kindly urging you to answer all the questions frankly.

Advertisement Channel what is the best way you would like to receive advertisement? TV Least preferable. TV Moderatly preferable. TV Preferable. Radio Not preferable at all. Radio Least preferable. Radio Moderatly preferable. Radio Preferable. Mail Not preferable at all. Mail Least preferable. Mail Moderatly preferable. Mail Preferable. Internet Not preferable at all. Internet Least preferable. Internet Moderatly Questionnaire Of Advertising For A Company. Internet Preferable. Mobile Phone Not preferable at all.

Mobile Phone Least preferable. Mobile Phone Moderatly preferable. Mobile Phone Preferable. Familiarity with Mob Ad Were you familiar with the expression mobile advertising since earlier?

Totally unknown for me. Barely heard about it. Well Known for me. Every day. Couple of times a week. Once a week. Couple of times every month. Once a month or less. At Work. At Home. While Shopping. How good would you consider your knowledge about mobile phones' applications be? Very limited. Very Good. What is your attitude towards advertisement Questionnaire Of Advertising For A Company general? Strongly Dislike. Strongly like. Advertiaing is your attitude towards receiving advertisement on your mobile Phone?

Strongly Like. The information in the advertisement content affect your purchase decision? Strongly Disagree. Strongly Agree. Do you find it important to be able to control which advertisement you will actually receive? Extremely Not Important. Not Important. Very Important. Do you find it important to control when you will receive advertisement? Do you use your mobile phone to search for information? If you use your mobile as a tool for searching information, how often do you do this?

All the time. Very Often. Not at all. If you don't use your phone as a tool for searching information, would you re-consider this? Not possible at all. Not possible. Very possible. To which of the following uses have you used your mobile phone?

Read the newspaper. Follow the stock market. Do you consider mobile advertising a trustworthy advertising tool compared to traditional advertising tools?

Would you consider Queestionnaire mobile advertisements on your phone? If your answer to Question 17 is No, Why? Choose between Co,pany answers Negative Qusstionnaire towards advertising. Concerned about receiving spam to my mobile phone. Lack of trust Bioforskning Company the mobile phone as a marketing channel. Consider my self having lack of knowledge about mobile advertising. Would see this as a violation of my private life.

Would your attitude towards mobile advertising change if you had the possibility of choosing what kind of ad you actually receive on your phone? Would your attitude towards mobile advertising change if you had the possibility to control the timing where you receive ads on your phone? Would your attitude towards mobile advertising change if you received monetary award in the form of free connection time in order to receive advertising on your phone? In what format would you like to receive advertisement to your mobile phone?

Choose between several alternatives Text. How do you make your purchase decision? It's my own decision. It's a joint family decision. My spouse take it. When you have certain need and you decide to buy, do you consider collecting information on different brands Yes. Please rank the following based on how strongly does they affect you, "1" is "Strongly Affect" Word of mouth. Previous experience. Brand name. Zscaler Inc Company Profile preferable at all.

Least preferable. Moderatly preferable. TV Not preferable at all. Mobile Phone.

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